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2023 Beyoncé plays a private show in Dubai, her first full concert in four years, for a reported $24 million. Her 11-year-old daughter Blue Ivy joins her on "Brown Skin Girl," the first live performance of the song.

2017 "Raindrop... drop-top..." the Atlanta rap trio Migos hit #1 in America with the meme-worthy "Bad and Boujee."

2014 Against Me! release the album Transgender Dysphoria Blues, their first since lead singer Laura Jane Grace came out as transgender. The album began as a concept piece about a transexual prostitute back when Grace was still presenting as a man (Tom Gabel). The personal implications became clear when she came out and her bandmates figured out what was going on. Two of the four members of the band - drummer Jay Weinberg and bass player Andrew Seward - quit before it is completed, but the album earns strong reviews and Grace becomes a leader in the fight for transgender rights.

2002 Peggy Lee dies of complications from diabetes and a heart attack at age 81.

1999 Blues singer/pianist Charles Brown, known for "Driftin' Blues" and "Merry Christmas Baby," dies of congestive heart failure at age 76.

1998 James Brown is released from a South Carolina hospital after undergoing treatment for an addiction to painkillers.

1997 Elvis Presley's controversial manager Colonel Tom Parker dies at age 87.

1996 Frankie "Cannibal" Garcia (of Cannibal and the Headhunters) dies of an AIDS-related illness at age 49.

1993 French singer Noël Rota aka Helno (of Les Negresses Vertes) dies of a heroin overdose at age 29.

1989 Kid 'N Play's soon-to-be-gold debut album, 2 Hype, which was released three months earlier, debuts at #96 on the Billboard 200 chart.

1984 Jackie Wilson dies at 49. He has been incapacitated since suffering a heart attack on stage in 1975.

1983 Lamar Williams (the bassist who replaced Berry Oakley in The Allman Brothers Band) dies of lung cancer, possibly from exposure to Agent Orange during his service in the Vietnam War, at age 34.

1982 B.B. King donates his entire record collection to the University of Mississippi's Center for the Study of Southern Culture. The 20,000-record collection includes 7,000 discs King aired as a disc jockey at Memphis' WDIA in the '50s.

1979 Nokio the N-Tity (of the R&B group Dru Hill) is born Tamir Mateen Raheem Hameed Ruffin in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Metallica Head To Therapy In Some Kind Of Monster


The warts-and-all Metallica documentary Some Kind of Monster makes its debut at the Sundance Film Festival.

Directed by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky, the 141-minute film chronicles the recording of their album St. Anger (2001-2003), one of the more turbulent eras of Metallica's career. A thread throughout the film is their therapy sessions with Phil Towle, a $40,000-a-month "performance-enhancing coach" tasked with getting the band over their mountains of emotional baggage. The central tension is between founders James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, who take stabs at each other while Kirk Hammett and newcomer Robert Trujillo look on. The band certainly needs the therapy: they were teenagers and alcoholics when they hit it big, but now they have grown-up responsibilities to go along with their riches. Thirty minutes into the film, Hetfield heads to rehab, emerging a year later with a better understanding of his feelings, determined to give attention to the non-Metallica aspects of his life, like his daughter's ballet class. This doesn't sit well with Ulrich, who wants commitment. "You guys have issues," Hammett tells them during one particularly tense exchange. "There's a lot of history that you guys need to work out." Dave Mustaine also shows up in the film. The band's original guitarist, he was fired before their first album, and despite going on to great success with his band Megadeth, he hasn't gotten over the sting. When he and Lars sit down to get closure, Mustaine explains: "All I had was you and James. We had dreams together, and I sold everything to join that dream. Then it ended." The whole thing is very Spinal Tap.



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