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Timeline : Kiss

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June 9, 2017

Gene Simmons of Kiss files a trademark application for the devil horns hand gesture, which he claims he invented in 1974.More

August 10, 2012

The bands Kiss and Motley Crue donate $100,000 together to the families of the victims of the Aurora, Colorado, "Dark Knight" shooting. The massacre occurred Friday, July 20 at a movie theater showing The Dark Knight Rises. James Eagan Holmes burst into the theater with guns blazing, killing 12 and wounding 58. The story rocks the United States and the ensuing trial of shooter Holmes, who was inspired by the actions of The Joker, a famed villain in the Batman franchise played by Heath Ledger, is to generate top headlines for many months yet.

October 1, 2011

After 28 years and two children together, Gene Simmons (62) and Shannon Tweed (54) finally get married. Their wedding song is "At Last," sung by their daughter Sophie.More

January 17, 2008

Gene Simmons is the third contestant fired by Donald Trump on Season 7 of The Celebrity Apprentice.More

May 13, 2004

In an Australian radio interview, Gene Simmons of Kiss states of Islam: "This is a vile culture, and if you think for a second that it's willing to just live in the sands of God's armpit you've got another thing coming... they want to come and live right where you live and they think that you're evil." After a flood of angry calls from Muslims, Simmons claims he was speaking only of extremists.

April 13, 2001

Kiss wrap up their "Farewell Tour" with a show in Queensland, Australia. Just two years later, they head out on the World Domination Tour.

June 24, 2000

Kiss auction off $888,000 worth of costumes, instruments and tour memorabilia, including Gene Simmons' Psycho Circus tourwear (including codpiece), which goes for $32,200.

August 12, 1999

The Kiss-produced movie Detroit Rock City, the story of fans on their way to a Kiss concert, opens nationwide.

August 11, 1999

Kiss are awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

October 31, 1998

Kiss launch their Psycho Circus tour with a Halloween show in Los Angeles. The aptly named Smashing Pumpkins are the opening act.

April 16, 1996

Kiss perform at the Grammys in full makeup and glorious costumes. It's just the second time since 1980 (following their 1995 MTV Unplugged taping) that all four original members have been on stage together.

August 9, 1995

The original members of Kiss play together for the first time since 1980 when Peter Criss and Ace Frehley join the current band to record their MTV Unplugged special, which is later released as the album Kiss Unplugged. Not counting Ace Frehley's 1976 wedding, it also marks the only time the original members have performed without makeup. The appearance goes over so well that Criss and Frehley rejoin the band in 1996, replacing Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer. The subsequent outing becomes the top-grossing tour that year.

July 26, 1992

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley marries Pamela Bowen.

November 24, 1991

Eric Carr of Kiss dies of heart cancer at age 41.

January 22, 1989

Gene Simmons of Kiss and his girlfriend, the Playboy model Shannon Tweed, welcome their first child, a boy named Nicholas.

September 18, 1983

Kiss make their first public appearance without their trademark make-up when they show up on MTV to promote their new album - and single - "Lick It Up."

May 29, 1983

Kiss play their last concert in their famous makeup; at least until 1996 when they re-form with all original members and painted faces once again.

January 12, 1981

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) donates several rock albums to the Library of Congress, including Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde and KISS' Alive!

July 25, 1980

Eric Carr makes his debut as Kiss drummer.

May 18, 1980

Drummer Peter Criss leaves Kiss. He is replaced by Eric Carr, but returns to the band (along with Ace Frehley) in 1996.

November 29, 1979

The original four members of Kiss play for the last time together before their first "breakup."

October 28, 1978

Kiss star in the TV movie Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park.More

October 14, 1978

The KISS solo LPs Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss enter Billboard Albums chart at these positions: Peter Criss: #85 Ace Frehley: #87 Gene Simmons: #88 Paul Stanley: #89 Simmons ends up selling the most copies.

September 18, 1978

The albums Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss all hit stores on the same day.More

October 14, 1977

KISS release Alive II, recorded over three nights at the Forum in Los Angeles.

August 26, 1977

Kiss play the first of three nights at The Forum in Inglewood, California. The shows are compiled for their Alive II album, released in October.

June 30, 1977

Marvel Comics publishes a Kiss comic book with a vial of their blood mixed into the ink.More

May 26, 1977

Rock sensations and serial marketers Kiss provide Marvel Comics with a vial of their blood to be mixed with the red ink used to print their upcoming comic book. The photo op takes place at the printing plant in Depew, New York, where the comic will be made.

February 21, 1977

At a concert stop at the Nassau Coliseum, every member of Kiss has some blood drawn. It's not for the Red Cross: the blood will be mixed with ink used to print the first Kiss comic book, which appears in June. The process from bloodletting to print is notarized for authenticity.

February 18, 1977

Kiss play Madison Square Garden (in their hometown, New York City) for the first time.

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