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2022 At the CMT Awards, The Judds reunite for their first TV appearance in 20 years, performing their 1990 song "Love Can Build A Bridge." Earlier that day, the mother-daughter duo also announced a 10-date arena run across the US dubbed "The Final Tour," with Martina McBride as a supporting act.

2020 Bob Dylan, 78, lands his first #1 on a Billboard chart when "Murder Most Foul" tops the Rock Digital Song Sales tally.

2017 Toby Smith, original keyboardist for Jamiroquai, dies at age 46.

2017 J. Geils, guitarist and founding member of J. Geils Band, dies at age 71.

2015 Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel welcome their first child, a son named Silas Randall.

2014 Jesse Winchester dies at age 69 of bladder cancer. He was one of the major singer-songwriters of the "country rock" movement in the early '70s, blessed with an amazing voice but still better known for his songwriting, which resulted in several hits for other "outlaw" country artists.

2011 Chicago blues musician Lacy Gibson dies at age 74 of a heart attack.

2006 Eminem's good friend and D12 bandmate DeShaun "Proof" Holton is shot and killed at age 32 in an altercation at a sketchy nightclub in Detroit.

2006 For the 25-year anniversary reissue of David Byrne and Brian Eno's My Life in the Bush of Ghosts album, the multi-tracks for two songs - "A Secret Life" and "Help Me Somebody" - are made available for download, for fans to remix and upload to the website.

2006 Paul Anka guest stars on "The Real Paul Anka" episode of Gilmore Girls.

2006 June Pointer of The Pointer Sisters dies at age 52 after being hospitalized for a stroke and diagnosed with cancer.

2002 Aretha Franklin and seven other Motown stars are honored with street names in Detroit's new low-income housing project.

2002 Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock are engaged after he proposes to her in the desert outside Las Vegas.

2001 Folk musician Sandy Bull dies at age 60 of lung cancer.

1997 After a 20-year absence, Grand Funk re-forms for a tour that benefits the Bosnian-American Relief Fund, which aids victims of the genocide in Bosnia.

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Dave Mustaine Booted From Metallica


Dave Mustaine is kicked out of Metallica because of his drug and alcohol addictions. Soon after, he forms Megadeth, which becomes one of the most successful metal bands of the era.

Everyone in Metallica drinks... a lot. But Mustaine is a mean drunk, which in their very tight confines (they often sleep in their rehearsal space), is a problem. He and lead singer/guitarist James Hetfield are especially contentious, and one day at rehearsal, Mustaine punches him, effectively punching his ticket home. That ticket turns out to be a bus pass, since the band won't pony up to fly him from New York back to his home in California. His bandmates, who have already hired his replacement, Kirk Hammett, wake him up to tell him the bad news. Hetfield drops him off at the Port Authority, and he goes Greyhound the rest of the way. The bus ride takes four days, giving Mustaine lots of time to plan his next move. He begins working on lyrics, writing them on a handbill he picked up promoting California senator Alan Cranston that says, "The arsenals of megadeath can't be rid," meaning there is no way to dismantle the nuclear stockpiles that have built up. Megadeth becomes the name of his band, which emerges as one of the few that can rival Metallica. Despite his success, Mustaine remains hurt and bitter, often lashing out at his former bandmates in the press. His biggest beef twofold: that he was fired without warning, and that Metallica seems to be erasing him from their history, downplaying his contributions to the band he co-founded. In the 2004 documentary Some Kind Of Monster, Mustaine tells Lars Ulrich, "We had dreams together, and I sold everything to join that dream." With the issue out in the open, the animosity is tempered. In 2010, Metallica includes Megadeth as one of the "Big Four" metal bands (along with Anthrax and Slayer), which play a series of shows together. The following year, Mustaine joins Metallica on stage for a 30th anniversary concert, where they close the show with five songs from his era.



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