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2019 UFO keyboard player Paul Raymond dies of a heart attack at 73.

2015 "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa breaks the Spotify record for most-streamed track in a single day in America when it is streamed 4.2 million times.

2011 New American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez is named People magazine's Most Beautiful Person of 2011.

2010 Ron Isley of The Isley Brothers is released from jail after serving 3 years for tax evasion. He came up with song ideas in prison and releases the album Mr. I on November 30.

2008 Cult '60s Detroit Soul hero Nathaniel Mayer collapses from the brain hemorrhage that will, within the year, take his life.

2007 Bring Me the Horizon vocalist Oli Sykes appears in Magistrate's Court, after being accused of urinating on a female fan at one of the band's gigs six days earlier. Due to lack of evidence, charges are later dropped.

2005 Blues pianist Johnnie Johnson, known for his work with Chuck Berry, dies in St. Louis, Missouri, at age 80.

2004 Songwriter Ritchie Cordell, who wrote the '60s-turned-'80s hits "I Think We're Alone Now" and "Mony Mony," dies at age 61 of pancreatic cancer.

2004 Pixies return to the stage after 12 years with a 27-song set at the Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis.

2004 Crossfade release their self-titled debut album. The profanities on the album are censored, but the band are unable to release an explicit version due to lack of funds.

2001 Kiss wrap up their "Farewell Tour" with a show in Queensland, Australia. Just two years later, they head out on the World Domination Tour.

1999 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers release their album Echo.

1996 Seconds before their first Saturday Night Live performance, Rage Against the Machine's roadies place upside-down American flags on their amplifiers in a band-sanctioned protest of the American political system - billionaire candidate Steve Forbes is hosting the show. The SNL crew quickly tears them down, and the band is booted from building without a second song.

1994 After nine years of a very public marriage, Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley announce they have separated. They divorce later in the year.

1993 Bruce Springsteen releases his second live album, In Concert / MTV Unplugged.

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David Crosby Caught Freebasing Cocaine


David Crosby is busted for freebasing cocaine, leading to a downward spiral that winds through the Dallas County Jail.

Crosby, down on his luck and in need of cash to finance his rampaging cocaine habit, is scheduled to play a show at the Dallas nightclub Cardi's when police raid the place and catch him backstage blatantly freebasing cocaine - the police report states that he has a propane tank in one hand and a brown bottle in the other. Police also find a .45-caliber semiautomatic pistol that he has been carrying ever since John Lennon was shot. Crosby, who was arrested a few weeks earlier when he crashed his car into a divider and was caught with quaaludes and cocaine paraphernalia, is sentenced to five years in prison even though he was caught with less than a quarter ounce of cocaine (drug laws are a little nuts in the '80s). Out on bail while his case is being appealed, Crosby's addiction gets worse, and in October 1984 he's arrested again when police in Ross, California, pull him over for driving his motorcycle erratically and find heroin and cocaine. He is sentenced to a drug rehab program at Fair Oaks Hospital in Summit, New Jersey, which he starts in January 1985. It doesn't go well, and in February he escapes (with help from his girlfriend), and soon turns up in New York City, where he is once again arrested for cocaine possession. Crosby is returned to Texas and denied bond. On March 7, he goes to prison. After serving a difficult few months in Dallas County Jail, where he is punished with solitary confinement for bad behavior, on May 1 he is once again freed on bond awaiting appeal. In July, he plays Live Aid with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, but in November he misses a hearing and becomes a fugitive. Still addled by addiction, he considers leaving the country to avoid jail time, but decides against it and turns himself in on December 12. On March 6, 1986, he is sent to state prison in Huntsville, Texas, where he writes songs and gets sober. On August 8, he gets out on parole. After getting married in May 1987, he sends a note to the judge who sentenced him, thanking him for saving his life and letting him know that he wouldn't be back to his courthouse.



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