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2019 Ellie Goulding marries the art dealer Caspar Jopling at York Minster Cathedral in a wedding attended by Katy Perry, James Blunt, Princess Eugenie, and Sarah, Duchess of York.

2014 Survivor lead singer Jimi Jamison dies from a heart attack aged 63.

2014 The Raskins, who have paid $1 million to join Mötley Crüe on tour, are accosted by members of the headliner's road crew who come on stage and spray them with urine during their set at the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, according to a lawsuit filed by the band.

2012 Eddie Van Halen, of Van Halen lead-guitar fame, is rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery on his digestive system to correct a severe bout of diverticulitis. Tour dates with Van Halen are rescheduled as he recovers.

2012 Entertainer Max Bygraves dies after a battle with Alzheimer's disease in Hope Island, Queensland, Australia, at age 89.

2010 Papa Roach release their first live album, Time for Annihilation. Alongside nine live tracks, the record contains five new studio tracks.

2001 Aaliyah's funeral is held at St. Ignatius Loyola Church in Manhattan, New York, six days after her death in a plane crash in The Bahamas. Hundreds of weeping fans march alongside the singer's casket, which is carried by a horse-drawn carriage to a private service with Gladys Knight, Lil' Kim, Sean Combs, Timbaland, and Missy Elliott in attendance. After the service, 22 doves are released in her memory, representing each year of her life.

1992 Prince extends his contract with Warner Bros. in a deal reported as being worth $100 million, but worth far less in reality.More

1985 The serial killer Richard Ramirez is captured in Los Angeles and later convicted for 13 murders. At one of the crime scenes, he left behind an AC/DC hat. The media dubbed him the "Night Stalker," and speculated that the band's song "Night Prowler" compelled him to kill, an assertion that is never substantiated, but unfairly links the killer to AC/DC, which is horrified by the association.

1980 Karen Carpenter (of the Carpenters) marries her first and only husband, a California real estate developer named Thomas Burris. She files for divorce the following year.

1978 The Grateful Dead perform "Shakedown Street" live for the first time ever at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.

1974 The final Partridge Family episode airs on ABC, starring the musical family.

1973 The Rolling Stones release Goat's Head Soup.

1971 Seeking payment of back royalties, The Rolling Stones sue both their former manager Andrew Loog Oldham and their ex-publisher, Allen Klein.

1970 Singer/songwriter Debbie Gibson is born in Brooklyn, New York.

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Club MTV Goes On The Air


MTV debuts Club MTV, their contemporary and far more lascivious version of American Bandstand.

Launching six years into MTV's run, each half-hour episode of Club MTV features teenagers dancing to a hit song, intercut with the music video. The show is designed with more of a nightclub-inspired look than its predecessor Bandstand; instead of the drab confines of a TV studio, it is staged at The Palladium in New York City - a real dance club. Hosted by the vivacious English personality Downtown Julie Brown, Club MTV takes a cue from Soul Train with fashion-forward dancers showing off the latest moves. And like any good dance club, it features lots of aspiring models in skin-tight clubwear - great for ratings! In later episodes, the show features live musical acts performing recently released singles; Debbie Harry, Salt-N-Pepa, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice all appear. In late 1989, Club MTV takes its show on the road with the Club MTV Tour, featuring Tone-Loc, Was (Not Was), Lisa Lisa, Paula Abdul and Information Society. The headline act is Milli Vanilli, who at a tour stop in Bristol, Connecticut get caught lip synching when their track "Girl You Know It's True" skips mid-performance, prompting them to run off stage. It's the beginning of the end for the duo, as it is later revealed that they did not sing on their album. Like the network itself, Club MTV changes the face of music and culture. American Bandstand, on the air since 1952, calls it quits in 1989, unable to compete with the modern upstart. MTV keeps evolving their programming, moving toward more reality shows and scripted programming. As club music falls out of favor in the '90s, ratings drop and the show is cancelled in 1992.



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