1 January

Pick a Day

Born on February 25

1973 Justin Jeffre (of 98 Degrees) is born in Mount Clemens, Michigan.

1971 Daniel Powter ("Bad Day") is born in Vernon, British Columbia. The budding violinist switches to piano after a group of bullies destroy his violin.

1959 Mike Peters (lead singer for The Alarm) is born in Prestatyn, Wales.

1957 Dennis Diken (drummer for The Smithereens) is born in Belleville, New Jersey.

1953 John Doe of the punk band X is born John Duchac in Decatur, Illinois.

1947 Bassist David Stensen (of The Grass Roots) is born in San Bruno, California.

1943 George Harrison is born in Liverpool, England. He becomes lead guitarist of The Beatles, a successful solo artist, and a member of The Traveling Wilburys.

1942 Roy Michaels, bass player of Cat Mother & The All Night News Boys, is born.

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