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Born on July 1

1977 Liv Tyler is born. Her mother is the notorious groupie/muse Bebe Buell, and her father is Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. By the time Liv is born, Bebe has gone back to her previous boyfriend, Todd Rundgren, and Rundgren raises her as his own. Liv is 11 years old when she finds out Tyler is her real dad.

1971 Missy Elliott is born in Portsmouth, Virginia.

1963 Roddy Bottum (keyboardist for Faith No More) is born Roswell Christopher Bottum III in Los Angeles, California.

1952 Dan Aykroyd is born in Ottawa. What's he doing on a music history calendar? He formed The Blues Brothers with John Belushi and also appeared on "We Are The World."

1951 Fred Schneider of The B-52s is born in Newark, New Jersey.

1951 Victor Willis, original lead singer for The Village People, is born. His occupation in the group: policeman.

1949 John Farnham is born in Dagenham, England, but moves to Australia with his family when he is 10. He becomes one of the most popular singers in that country, thanks to his rousing hit "You're The Voice."

1948 John Ford (multi-instrumentalist of The Strawbs) is born in Fulham, London, England.

1945 Deborah Ann Harry (lead singer of Blondie) is born in Miami, Florida, but will be raised in Hawthorne, New Jersey.

1942 Gospel singer Andrae Crouch is born in San Francisco, California.

1939 Delaney Bramlett, who co-fronted the early-'70s rock/soul ensemble Delaney & Bonnie with then-wife Bonnie Bramlett, is born in Pontotoc, Mississippi.

1930 Bobby Day is born Robert James Byrd in Fort Worth, Texas.

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