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Born on May 13

1993 Country singer Morgan Wallen is born in Sneedville, Tennessee.

1977 Rapper Pusha T is born Terrence Thornton in New York City. He forms the group Clipse before emerging as a solo artist.

1967 Pop singer Melanie Thornton (of La Bouche) is born in Charleston, South Carolina.

1966 Metal guitarist Lee Altus is born in Odessa, Soviet Ukraine.

1966 Darius Rucker (frontman for Hootie & the Blowfish) is born in Charleston, South Carolina.

1951 Paul Thompson (drummer for Roxy Music) is born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

1950 Blues rocker Danny Kirwan (of Fleetwood Mac) is born in Brixton, London, England.

1950 Stevie Wonder is born Stevland Morris in Saginaw, Michigan.More

1947 Pete "Overend" Watts (bass guitarist for Mott the Hoople) is born in Yardley, Birmingham, England.

1945 Richard "Magic Dick" Salwitz (harmonica player for The J. Geils Band) is born in New London, Connecticut.

1943 Motown singer Mary Wells is born in Detroit, Michigan.

1941 Rock and roll singer and guitarist Joe Brown is born in Swarby, Lincolnshire, England.

1941 Rock and roll pioneer Ritchie Valens is born Richard Steven Valenzuela in Pacoima, California.

1935 Pop songwriter Teddy Randazzo is born in Brooklyn, New York. Known for '60s hits "Pretty Blue Eyes," "Goin' Out Of My Head," and "Hurt So Bad," among others.

1914 Country singer-songwriter Johnnie Wright (Johnnie and Jack), known for the 1965 hit "Hello Vietnam," is born in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

1912 Jazz musician Gil Evans is born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

1911 Jazz singer Maxine Sullivan, known for her 1937 swing version of the Scottish folk song "Loch Lomond," is born Marietta Williams in Homestead, Pennsylvania.

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