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Born on October 3

1984 Pop singer Ashlee Simpson is born in Waco, Texas, to a family that includes sister and fellow singer Jessica Simpson.

1979 Instrumentalist Nate Wood (of The Calling) is born.

1975 Soul singer India.Arie is born in Denver, Colorado.

1972 Garrett Dutton - G. Love of G. Love & Special Sauce - is born in Philadelphia.

1971 Kevin Richardson of Backstreet Boys is born in Lexington, Kentucky.

1969 No Doubt lead singer Gwen Stefani is born in Fullerton, California.

1967 Chris Collingwood (lead vocalist for Fountains of Wayne) is born in Britain, but would be raised in Sellersville, Pennsylvania.

1962 Tommy Lee (drummer for Motley Crue) is born Thomas Lee Bass in Athens, Greece.

1954 Stephen "Stevie" Ray Vaughan is born in Dallas, Texas.

1950 Saxophonist Ronnie Laws (of Earth, Wind & Fire) is born in Houston, Texas.

1949 Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac is born in Palo Alto, California.

1945 Antonio Martinez (guitarist for Los Bravos) is born in Madrid, Spain.

1941 Chubby Checker is born Ernest Evans in Spring Gulley, South Carolina; he is raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.More

1940 Pop rocker Alan O'Day is born in Hollywood, California.

1938 Rockabilly singer Eddie Cochran is born in Albert Lea, Minnesota.

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