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May 10, 2006 T.I. is arrested and jailed in Georgia for failing to fulfill the conditions of his probation. In 2003, the rapper was involved in an altercation with security officers at a Florida mall. He was taken into custody for striking an officer. After pleading guilty to battery, T.I. was sentenced to complete community service. Three years later, the rapper was taken back into custody for not completing the required number of hours set by his parole agreement.

January 9, 2005 Neo soul singer D'Angelo is arrested for drunk driving in his Richmond, Virginia, hometown. He is also charged with possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance.

December 18, 2004 T.I. is arrested on gun possession charges for the third time in three years. Authorities search his home and find a silencer-enhanced weapon, several rounds of ammunition, and photos of the rapper handling guns. He is placed under house arrest after posting a $3 million bond.

August 11, 2003 Phish bass player Mike Gordon is arrested backstage at a Grateful Dead concert in Jones Beach after he is found taking photos of a 9-year-old girl. He is later cleared of the charges, and the girl's parents agree that it was an "unfortunate misunderstanding."

May 15, 2003 t.A.T.u.'s manager Ivan Shapovalov is arrested for disturbing the peace after staging a video shoot in Moscow's Red Square for the duo's song "Show Me Love." Playing up the act's image as teenage lesbian lovers, Shapovalov had arranged for about 200 young girls to dress like t.A.T.u. and kiss each other, which causes a disturbance. By the end of the year, t.A.T.u. will abandon the ruse and admit that they only acted like lovers for the sake of scandalous publicity.

January 5, 2003 Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong is arrested for drunk driving in Berkeley, California, after he is caught speeding in his BMW convertible and blows a .18.More

November 20, 2002 After an altercation at a gas station, neo soul singer D'Angelo is arrested at his home. Making matters worse, he resists arrest and is pepper sprayed by police.

November 1, 2002 T.I. is arrested and convicted in Georgia for carrying a 10mm pistol. This is the rapper's second arrest for gun possession charges in less than a year.

January 12, 2002 Adam Ant, suffering from manic depression, is arrested after bringing a starter pistol to a London pub and threatening to shoot customers. He left to get the pistol after some patrons were poking fun at him for his clothing.

December 22, 2001 T.I. is arrested in his native Atlanta for illegal gun possession. He allegedly tells police that his name is Douglas Morgan rather than his real name, Clifford Harris. The rapper is released without serious conviction.

April 21, 2001 Peter Buck of R.E.M. gets unruly on a British Airways flight and is arrested. He is accused of drinking 15 glasses of wine, overturning a service cart and engaging in other bad behavior, but charges are eventually dropped. Buck claimed that ingesting both a sleeping pill and wine caused him to lose it.

June 3, 2000 In what becomes known as "the horse incident," Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw are arrested in Buffalo, New York, after Chesney mounts a police horse and rides off. At trial, they're found not guilty; Chesney says he thought he had permission to get on the horse.

June 1, 1998 Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots is arrested for heroin possession in New York the day he is supposed to do a solo show.

February 11, 1998 Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses is arrested at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, charged with threatening a security worker. He pleads guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace.

November 21, 1995 Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day is arrested for mooning the audience during a show in Milwaukee. He pays a $141.50 fine for indecent exposure.

November 22, 1990 Two members of the Puerto Rican boy band Menudo, Ruben Gomez (16) and Sergio Gonzalez (18), are arrested for possession of marijuana at Miami International Airport and fired from the group. This does little to change the band dynamic, as Menudo regularly brings in younger members as others age out.

July 3, 1990 Police pursue Slick Rick through the streets of New York after the rapper attempts to shoot his cousin and former bodyguard, Mark Plummer, and wounds an innocent bystander instead. Plummer had been extorting money from Rick and threatening the rapper's family, so Rick took matters - and weapons - into his own hands. He's charged with a host of crimes, including two counts of attempted murder, and serves five years at Rikers Island.

January 25, 1989 Performing in Columbus, Georgia, Bobby Brown is arrested under the city's anti-lewdness act when he brings a girl on stage and simulates sex with her. Brown finishes the show about an hour later after he is booked and pays a $652 fine.

September 4, 1986 Gregg Allman is arrested in Belleview, Florida, when a police officer sees his 1985 Trans Am weaving on Route 441. He blows a .27 (legal limit: .10) and is charged with drunken driving and driving with an expired license. Allman is sentenced to five days in jail and ordered to do community service, which he serves by playing a drug-and-alcohol-free graduation party for area high schools. He does his time in January 1987, a month before his aptly titled solo album I'm No Angel is released.

April 15, 1986 Nine cops raid Dead Kennedys singer Jello Biafra's apartment and arrest him for distributing "harmful matter" to minors: a poster of genitalia art included in the band's album Frankenchrist. His case becomes a test of the First Amendment and validates his position that the US government systematically oppresses the poor and outspoken (the band is on their own label and has no corporate backing). It drags on for 16 months before ending in a mistrial when the jury can't come to a verdict.

May 8, 1982 In Los Angeles, Dean Martin is arrested when police find a loaded .38 pistol in the trunk of his Rolls Royce. He pleads guilty to carrying a concealed weapon and is sentenced to a year's probation.

December 7, 1978 Shirley Bassey is arrested in London for driving under the influence; she gives her name as Shirley Carter.

March 6, 1969 Sandie Shaw is "arrested" in Paris for being dressed up like a French policeman. The English singer is released a few hours later after she'd explained she'd had gone to France to promote her new record, "Monsieur Dupont," about a French romeo.

December 29, 1965 The Sir Douglas Quintet are busted for marijuana possession in Corpus Christi, Texas. They get probation when they appear in court with short hair, wearing suits. "I'm glad you cut your hair," the judge tells them. "I saw your pictures in the paper when you were arrested and I don't go for that stuff."

September 28, 1963 Jim Morrison is arrested while attending Florida State University. After stealing a cop's hat and umbrella, he's charged with petty larceny, resisting arrest, public drunkenness, and disturbing the peace.

May 28, 1956 Woody Guthrie, homeless and suffering from Huntington's disease, is arrested for vagrancy in Morristown, New Jersey. He is sent to nearby Greystone Park Psychiatric hospital and spends the rest of his life in care facilities, passing away in 1967 at 55.

November 26, 1936 Frank Sinatra is arrested by Hackensack, New Jersey, police on a breach of promise charge, meaning he didn't fulfill the promise of marriage after he "had a sexual relationship with a woman of good repute" named Antoinette Della Penta. The charges are dropped when it's revealed that the woman is already married. Antoinette goes after him on an adultery charge instead, but the complaint is dismissed in court.

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