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Music History Events: Days In Lyrics

September 21, 1978 Do you remember the 21st night of September? The first line of Earth, Wind & Fire's song isn't written for any particular reason - it just sounds good.

June 6, 1975 "It was the dark of the moon on the sixth of June," according to C.W. McCall's song "Convoy."

September 3, 1972 The Temptations sing, "It was the 3rd of September, that day I'll always remember" in their song "Papa Was A Rollin' Stone."

June 3, 1967 "It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty delta day," as Billie Joe McAllister jumps off the Tallahatchee Bridge, according to the Bobbie Gentry song "Ode To Billie Joe."

June 30, 1973 "It was a hot afternoon, the last day of June," Bobby Goldsboro sings in "Summer (The First Time)."

May 4, 1969 Al Stewart and his girlfriend Mandi attend a party at the Putney home of John Martyn which inspires the song "Night Of The 4th Of May."

June 30, 1934 Adolf Hitler begins Operation Hummingbird, the Röhm Putsch, or the Night of the Long Knives which culminates in the murder of Ernst Röhm on July 2. Al Stewart later writes a song about it called "The Last Day Of June 1934."

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