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2014 Bruce Springsteen appears on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, where he performs a reworked version of "Born To Run" titled "Gov. Christie Traffic Jam." In the song, Springsteen mocks a scandal where New Jersey governor Chris Christie's staff shut down parts of a road to retaliate against a mayor who didn't endorse him. "You're killing the working man who's stuck in the Governor Chris Christie Fort Lee, New Jersey, traffic jam," Springsteen sings.

2012 Little-known Lana Del Rey takes heaps of social media abuse for her lethargic performance on Saturday Night Live. She gets retribution when her Born To Die album, released two weeks later, earns her a global fanbase.

2008 Daughtry creates an uproar when he bad-mouths American Idol, saying the show is on the "decline." Randy Jackson refutes Daughtry's comment, but the show later suffers yet another season of declining ratings.

2000 Nashville-based country fan magazine Music City News closes its doors after 37 years of publication.

1999 Jerry Hall files for divorce from Mick Jagger, who contests it, claiming they were never actually married. Hall claims adultery, as the Brazilian model Luciana Morad is pregnant with Jagger's baby.

1998 After a three-year legal battle, Shirley Bassey is cleared of charges brought against her by her longtime assistant, Hilary Levy, who claimed Bassey slapped her and used an anti-semitic slur against her.

1997 The Beach Boys guest star on the "Karate Kid Returns" episode of the ABC sitcom Home Improvement.

1992 Jerry Nolan of The Heartbreakers and New York Dolls dies from a stroke at age 45 while being treated for meningitis and pneumonia.

1992 Tommy Page sings at Stephanie Tanner's birthday party on the Full House episode "Crushed."

1992 R. Kelly and Public Announcement release the album Born Into The 90's, with the hits "She's Got That Vibe" and "Honey Love."

1989 The soundtrack to the film Dirty Dancing reaches sales of ten million copies, which is now known as Diamond certification. The movie was set in 1963, and the soundtrack contained songs from that era along with new ones like "(I've Had) The Time of My Life," which were written for the film.

1980 Rush release Permanent Waves, their seventh studio album. "The Spirit of Radio" and "Freewill" help make it their first to reach the Top 5 on the US albums chart, where it peaks at #4. The album represents a new direction for the band, with songs becoming denser and more radio friendly, setting the stage for the upcoming Moving Pictures.

1978 Player's "Baby Come Back" hits #1 for the first of three weeks.

1978 At the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco, The Sex Pistols lead singer, Johnny Rotten, ends the show by telling the crowd, "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated? Goodbye." It is their final concert until their 1996 reunion.

1978 Fleetwood Mac's Rumours album hits #1 for a record 31st week on the US chart.

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