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2022 On just the second date on their Public Service Announcement tour, their first in 11 years, Rage Against The Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha tears his Achilles tendon jumping on stage. They finish the North American portion of the tour but are forced to cancel the rest of it, which is planned for 2023.

2016 Country singer Craig Morgan mourns the death of his son Jerry Greer after the 19-year-old's body is discovered the day after he goes missing while tubing on the Tennessee River. Jerry is one of four sons born to Morgan and his wife, Karen.

2014 Tommy Ramone (drummer for Ramones) dies of bile duct cancer at age 65.

2013 Charles Pope (of The Tams) dies of complications from Alzheimer’s disease at age 76 in Jonesboro, Georgia.

2012 Florence Welch, lead woman for Florence + the Machine, faces ill health and a failing voice, causing the group to cancel two European concerts. She's forced to cancel on doctor's orders to avoid permanent damage to her famous contralto voice.

2011 Jewel and her rodeo star husband Ty Murray welcome their first child: Kase Townes Murray.

2011 Rob Grill of The Grass Roots dies at 67.

2008 Barenaked Ladies' co-lead singer Steven Page is busted for cocaine possession while visiting his girlfriend's apartment in Fayetteville, New York. The charges will eventually be dropped, but the incident is a point of contention with his clean-cut bandmates and leads to his departure the following year.

2007 Rod Lauren jumps to his death from a Tracy, California hotel room. The actor-turned-singer was accused of murdering his wife, Filipino actress Nida Blanca, six years earlier but successfully fought extradition to face a murder trial in the Philippines, where the crime took place.

2005 Robin Thicke ties the knot with high-school sweetheart and Precious star Paula Patton. Their first son is born Julian Fuego Thicke on April 6, 2010, just shy of their fifth wedding anniversary.

2002 Blues singer Rosco Gordon dies at 74.

2002 Over 200 people attend the funeral for Who bassist John Entwistle in St. Edward's Church in Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucestershire, England. Entwistle was found dead in his Las Vegas hotel room on June 27th.

2001 Facing a flurry of lawsuits, the file-sharing service Napster shuts down, but not before transforming the music industry away from physical product like CDs and toward digital downloads, which eventually leads to streaming.

2000 Metallica's battle against the peer-to-peer file sharing company Napster reaches the Senate Judiciary Committee, where the band's drummer Lars Ulrich testifies, claiming copyright infringement.

1999 Singer Helen Forrest dies of heart failure at 82.

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Jerry Garcia Introduces Line Of Neckties


Jerry Garcia, who has a passion for painting and studied at the San Francisco Art Institute, introduces a line of neckties he designed.

Garcia, who studied painting at the San Francisco Art Institute, has been dabbling in art for quite some time, often working on drawings and paintings when he isn't making music. Neckties provide a unique canvas for his work, which isn't Dead-issue tie dye, but abstract designs. That Garcia has never been spotted wearing a necktie doesn't seem to matter (his signature look is jeans and a black T-shirt) - this is premium silk crepe neckwear, selling for $28.50. The line is sold at Bloomingdale's and does very well, making not only an artistic statement but a cultural one as well, kind of like putting a deadhead sticker on a Cadillac Bill Clinton is spotted wearing one, as is Al Gore. In 1993, jazz great Miles Davis follows suit with his own line of ties (some of which are kind of blue). Unlike Garcia, Davis is known for his fashion sense.



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