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2021 Britney Spears asks a court to end her conservatorship, which is controlled by her father. "This conservatorship is doing me way more harm than good," she says. "I deserve to have a life." Despite her passionate plea, her request is denied, but she gets her wish five months later when her conservatorship is terminated.

2019 Dave Bartholomew, who co-wrote many of Fats Domino's hits, dies at age 100.

2016 Alanis Morissette and husband Mario "Souleye" Treadway welcome their second child, a daughter named Onyx Solace.

2013 Bobby "Blue" Bland dies of an undisclosed illness at age 83.

2006 Kevin Richardson of Backstreet Boys leaves the group to pursue other interests.

2004 St. Andrews University in Scotland presents Bob Dylan with an honorary doctorate in Music.

2003 Diana Ross pleads not guilty to drunk driving charges in Tucson after being discovered with a 0.2 BAC, claiming that the arresting officer threatened her with injury if she didn't take the breath test.

2000 Michael Jackson is sued by a German promoter for $21 million after the singer cancels two once-in-a-lifetime millennial New Year's concerts.

1990 During their headlining set at the Glastonbury Festival, The Cure pause during a performance of "Fascination Street" so a police helicopter can rescue a woman who's nearly been crushed to death by the overzealous crowd.

1990 Actor Gary Busey, best-known for his lead role in the controversial 1978 biopic The Buddy Holly Story, purchases one of Buddy's guitars, complete with tooled leather case made by the rocker, in auction for approximately $240,000.

1984 Duffy (Amie Ann Duffy) is born in Gwynedd, Wales. Her 2008 album, Rockferry, is a worldwide smash, but her 2010 follow-up, Endlessly, is a disappointment, and she retreats from the public eye.More

1980 The Rolling Stones release Emotional Rescue.

1979 Supertramp's LP Breakfast In America hits #1.

1977 Jason Mraz is born in Mechanicsville, Virginia.

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Leon Bridges Channels Sam Cooke In Debut


Leon Bridges releases his debut album, Coming Home, featuring the popular retro-soul singles "Coming Home" and "Smooth Sailin'."

Less than a year earlier, Bridges was still washing dishes at a restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas, and playing at open mics in his spare time. One fateful night he sang a new song he'd been working on, a soulful ballad called "Coming Home," that echoed the style of soul legend Sam Cooke. It caught the attention of fellow Fort Worth musicians Austin Jenkins and Joshua Block of the rock band White Denim. Jenkins recalled: "I remember just thinking to myself, 'Man, I know every song Sam Cooke has ever done, and this isn't one of his songs.' And I was wondering whose it was. I was shocked that was happening at Magnolia Motor Lounge on a Tuesday night." Meeting Bridges gave Jenkins and Block an excuse to pursue their passion project and outfit their own studio with vintage equipment from the '40s and '50s. They set up shop in a century-old building and recorded two demos with Bridges, one of them being "Coming Home." When the songs dropped on Soundcloud, they went viral and sent record labels across the country into a frenzy to sign the retro-soul singer. Bridges went with Columbia Records, home to Adele and John Legend, and recorded the rest of the throwback tunes that comprise his debut, including "Smooth Sailin'," which ends up on President Obama's summertime playlist. Surprisingly, Bridges never meant to be a soul singer. He grew up on '90s R&B titans like Usher and Ginuwine and was only superficially aware of the soul legends that ended up shaping his style. "It's crazy that even though I grew up on Ginuwine, the soul has always been in me," he tells Spin. "I just had to tap into it."



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