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1950 Rick Dees is born in Jacksonville, Florida.

1945 Country singer/songwriter Michael Martin Murphey is born in Dallas, Texas.

1945 Walter Parazaider (of Chicago) is born in Maywood, Illinois.

1943 Jim Pons (bassist for The Turtles, Mothers Of Invention) is born in Santa Monica, California.

1934 Jazz organist Shirley Scott is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1933 Quincy Jones is born in Chicago, Illinois.

1926 Phil Phillips is born Philip Baptiste in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

1912 Les Brown, known for his Band of Renown during the big-band era, is born in Reinerton, Pennsylvania.

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De La Soul Debut With 3 Feet High and Rising


De La Soul release their debut album, 3 Feet High and Rising. The sample-heavy, paisley-powered LP becomes a hip-hop landmark, establishing a mellow, groovy new style.

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