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2020 Gal Gadot posts a video of herself and a host of celebrities singing "Imagine" line-by-line from their places of quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic. It doesn't get the reaction she's after.More

2016 Gwen Stefani, recently split from Gavin Rossdale and dating Blake Shelton, releases This Is What the Truth Feels Like, her first solo album since 2006. The album deals with her divorce and subsequent renaissance - or you could say, "Gwenaissance."

2014 Joe Lala (drummer for The Blues Image) dies of lung cancer at age 66.

2011 Rock bassist Jet Harris (of The Shadows) dies of cancer at age 71.

2009 New Orleans singer/pianist Eddie Bo dies of a heart attack at age 78.

2008 Among other artists, Lou Reed, Damien Rice, and Moby take part in the Speak Up! concert (which benefits Iraq war veterans) held at St. Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn, New York.

2002 Talking Heads play live for the first time since 1984 when they are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, The Ramones, Brenda Lee, Gene Pitney and Isaac Hayes.More

2002 Members of The Doobie Brothers attend the wedding of Liza Minnelli and David Gest, who did PR for the band decades earlier. Also attending are Dionne Warwick and Petula Clark.

2001 Four teenage girls are crushed to death in a shopping mall in Indonesia, when hundreds of fans panic while trying to catch a glimpse of British boy band a1. The four band members cancel the rest of their tour in Asia.

2001 John Phillips (of The Mamas & the Papas) dies of heart failure at age 65.

1997 The second full-length album from Ben Folds Five is released, Whatever and Ever Amen. The album obtains platinum certification in the US, and spawns the group's biggest hit tune, "Brick."

1994 Bassist Darryl Jones replaces Bill Wyman in The Rolling Stones.

1994 Courtney Love calls the police fearing that her husband, Kurt Cobain, is suicidal. Police confiscate four guns and 25 boxes of ammo from his home.

1994 Kenner, Louisiana names a street "Lloyd Price Avenue" in honor of their native son.

1992 Donna Summer gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Katy Perry Gets Award For LGBTQ Advocacy


Katy Perry accepts the National Equality Award from the Human Rights Campaign for her work supporting LGBTQ causes. In her speech, she admits that she did more than just kiss a girl.

"There's no other community that has done more to shape who I am today, and there is no other community that I believe in more than you," she says, before explaining how she overcame her rigid religious upbringing to champion acceptance of all people. "You don't get to choose your family, but you can choose your tribe. Many of the people I work with, trust and admire belong to the LGBTQ community, and without them I'd be half of the person I am today. My life is rich in every capacity because of them. They are trusted allies that provide a safe space to fall and to make mistakes. These are the people I hold dear." She adds: "People can change. Believe me, it would have been easier just to stay the whipped-creamed-tits-spraying, poppy-light, fluffy-fun-anthems-by-the-way-of-animal-totems-singing girl who was basically somewhat neutral in stance, and just thought more hugs could save the world. No way. No longer can I sit in silence. I have to stand up for what I know is true and that is equality and justice for all, period. None of us have the answers, or all of them at least, but it's time to lead with empathy and grace and compassion now more than ever, to find the unity we need now. I'll never cease to be a champion, an ally, a spotlight and a loving voice for all LGBTQ-identifying people."



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