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1990 At The Central in Seattle, Mother Love Bone play their last show, as their lead singer Andrew Wood dies of a heroin overdose 10 days later. Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard from the band form Pearl Jam later that year.

1987 Shad Moss, known as Lil' Bow Wow and later, Bow Wow, is born Columbus, Ohio.

1986 Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith go to Magic Ventures Studios in New York, where they record parts of their song "Walk This Way" so Run-D.M.C. can transform it into a hip-hop jam. Neither act is thrilled about the collaboration (Run-D.M.C.'s producer Rick Rubin spearheaded the effort), but the resulting track is a huge hit, revitalizing Aerosmith's career and delivering a new (mostly white) audience to the rappers.

1981 Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory is born in Coral Springs, Florida.

1980 Chingy ("Right Thurr") is born Howard Bailey Jr. in St. Louis, Missouri.

1979 ABC airs the John Denver And The Ladies special, featuring Tina Turner, Valerie Harper, Cheryl Tiegs, Erma Bombeck and Cheryl Ladd.

1976 Keith Moon collapses onstage at the beginning of a Who concert at the Boston Garden.

1972 Carole King, James Taylor, Quincy Jones and Barbra Streisand take part in a fundraiser for presidential hopeful George McGovern.

1968 Robert Sledge, bass player for Ben Folds Five, is born.

1961 The Supremes first single, "I Want A Guy," is released. Despite a push from their label, Motown, it flops, as does their next several singles.

1959 Frankie Avalon's "Venus" hits #1 in America.

1958 Martin Fry of ABC is born in Stretford, Lancashire, England.

1951 Frank Rodriguez, the keyboard player who comes up with the famous riff on "96 Tears" for ? and the Mysterians, is born in Bay City, Michigan.

1949 Trevor Burton of The Move is born in Birmingham, England.

1948 R&B singer Jeffrey Osborne (lead singer of LTD) is born in Providence, Rhode Island.

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