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2013 Marvin Junior (lead baritone of The Dells) dies from complications of kidney failure at age 77.

2012 Aaron Freeman tells Rolling Stone that he is retiring Gene Ween, the stage name under which he has performed with Ween for nearly two decades. This appears to be the end of Ween, and the members of the now-defunct band begin pursuing other projects.

2005 Jazz singer-songwriter Oscar Brown Jr., writer of the popular jazz song "Afro Blue," dies from complications of osteomyelitis at age 78.

1999 Photographers taking shots of old cars wrecked at the bottom of Malibu's Decker Canyon discover the body of Iron Butterfly bassist Philip Kramer, who had gone missing on February 12, 1995. His death is ruled a suicide.

1996 Jimmy Rowles, a jazz pianist who played with the likes of Benny Goodman, Les Brown, Peggy Lee, and Ella Fitzgerald, dies of cardiovascular disease at age 77.

1989 Elvis Presley's first grandchild, Danielle Riley Keough, is born to Lisa Marie Presley.

1989 John Cipollina (lead guitarist of Quicksilver Messenger Service) dies at age 45 from Alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency, a genetic disorder that can lead to several diseases including emphysema, liver disease, lung cancer and COPD.

1988 Bob Dylan duets with Band drummer Levon Helm on the group's "The Weight" at a Helm show in New York. The duo also perform Chuck Berry's "Nadine."

1983 Kiss play their last concert in their famous makeup; at least until 1996 when they re-form with all original members and painted faces once again.

1983 Van Halen get a record $1.5 million to play Day 2 ("Heavy Metal Day") of Apple founder Steve Wozniak's US Festival, the second and final year of the event. It's the most any act has ever been paid for a single performance.More

1977 Goddard Lieberson, who served as president for both Columbia Records (1956-1971; 1973-1975) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), dies of cancer at age 66.

1976 Dave Buckner (original drummer for Papa Roach) is born in Los Angeles, California.

1975 Melanie Brown is born in Leeds, England. With Spice Girls, she is known as Mel B or "Scary Spice."

1975 The Osmonds' appearance at Wembley Pool in London sets off a riot amongst fans.

1973 The Byrds break up when founding member Roger McGuinn performs his first solo concert at New York's Academy of Music. Use of "The Byrds" name gets sticky in ensuing years, and in 1989 McGuinn plays some shows with original members Chris Hillman and David Crosby to stake their legal claim to the name.

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Jeff Buckley Dies At Age 30


Jeff Buckley drowns while swimming in Wolf River in Tennessee. The singer/songwriter/guitarist known for his version of "Hallelujah" is 30 years old at the time of his death.

Buckley wades into a slack water channel of Wolf River, still wearing his engineer boots and clothes, singing along to the chorus of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" playing from a waterside boom box. He waves off the warnings of roadie Keith Foti about the frothing muddy water and the passing boats. Buckley is in Memphis recording newly written songs at Easely Studios. Despite his fear of the sophomore album slump, he feels good about his voice and he's in high spirits. His bandmates are on a flight to Memphis to join him. Foti looks up from his spot on the shore after a tugboat passes. Buckley is gone. After ten minutes of increasingly frantic calling, Foti calls 911. Memphis police rake the river and its banks on foot, by air, and by boat under powerful emergency lights that illuminate the entire area. Rescue efforts by friends and local authorities continue through the night, hobbled by bad weather. Buckley isn't seen again until June 4, when a passenger spots his body floating near a cruise boat. Jeff is recognized by his purple navel ring and by the green nail polish on three toenails. Buckley's father, Tim Buckley, died of an overdose at age 28. Jeff was in a good state of mind, and had no drugs in his system at the time of his drowning. He'd had a drink, but not enough to be legally intoxicated. Memphis Police presume that the wake of the tugboat sucked Buckley under the surface and away from the shore, where his heavy boots could have filled with water and made swimming difficult. Buckley is memorialized by PJ Harvey in her song "Memphis," Aimee Mann in "Just Like Anyone," and Chris Cornell in "Wave Goodbye." Buckley's first and final album, Grace, soon shows up on lists of the best all-time albums and is regarded by many as a modern classic. Photo: Marie Jerome



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