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2020 Country singer-songwriter Hal Ketchum dies at 67 from complications of dementia.

2015 Cynthia Robinson, trumpet player and founding member of Sly & the Family Stone, dies at age 71. That's her saying, "Get on up and dance!" in "Dance To The Music."

2014 Clive Palmer (of The Incredible String Band) dies at age 71.

2011 In Austria, George Michael is hospitalized mid-tour due to a serious bout with pneumonia. All remaining tour dates are postponed as the singer is placed in intensive care.

2011 Lady Gaga's 90 minute A Very Gaga Thanksgiving special airs on ABC. Gaga directed the program, which features her singing, eating, visiting her old school, and being interviewed by Katie Couric.

2009 Little Richard has hip replacement surgery, which does not go well. The rocker will never walk again and remains in constant pain.

2006 Jazz singer Anita O'Day dies of a cardiac arrest at age 87.

2004 Robert Downey, Jr. releases his debut studio album, The Futurist.

2001 Juan Hinojosa (drummer for Los Fabulosos Cuatro), along with his 28-year-old son, dies in a car crash in Texas.

2001 O.C. Smith, known for the 1968 hit "Little Green Apples," dies of a heart attack at age 69.

2000 Jonathan King is arrested for sexual abuse of minors in the '80s (one year later he receives a seven-year jail sentence).

2000 Twelve-year-old Billy Gilman sings "One Voice" during festivities at the Dallas Cowboys-Minnesota Vikings football game. Gilman is joined by Jessica Simpson for the halftime show.

1998 A businessman convicted of second-degree murder in the drowning of the ex-wife of Jackson 5 member Tito Jackson is sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. Donald Bohana, 61, listens as Jackson family members urge a lengthy prison sentence for the boyfriend convicted of killing Delores "DeeDee" Jackson.

1995 Michael Jackson is crowned best male artist and Björk best female artist at the 1995 MTV Europe Music Awards in Paris.

1995 Junior Walker (of Junior Walker & the All-Stars) dies of cancer at age 64.

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Marilyn Manson Roughs Up Spin Editor


After his concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, Marilyn Manson has a backstage run-in with Spin magazine editor Craig Marks, who claims that Manson assaults and threatens to kill him.

According to Marks, Manson, upset over not getting the cover of the latest issue of Spin, invited him backstage, then into his dressing room, where two of Manson's bodyguards grab him by the throat and pin him to a wall as Manson tells him, "I can kill you, your family and everyone you know." Manson is tweaked because he didn't get the cover of the latest issue of Spin. In a $24 million lawsuit Marks files, he claims that after Manson's bodyguards let him go, the rocker said, "That's what you get when you disrespect me." Manson refers to the incident as a "conversation," posting on his website: "I told him that I didn't care what he prints or weather or not I'm on the cover. I simply no longer wanted to work with him or his magazine that obviously has a lack of respect for musicians and their fans." The case is later settled, and free from legal consequences, Manson admits that he avoided arrest by hiding out in Trump Tower.



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