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2019 Stephen Morris disembarks from a train in South East London leaving behind a violin made in 1709; it is valued at £250,000! A short time later, Morris gets a message on Twitter from the person who took it, and he gets the instrument back.

2017 Marilyn Manson guitarist Daisy Berkowitz (real name: Scott Putesky) dies of colon cancer at age 49.

2017 The Easybeats leader George Young ("Friday On My Mind"), dies at age 70. He was the brother of Angus and Malcolm Young of AC/DC.

2012 Garth Brooks is inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. George Strait, Bob Seger, and James Taylor perform at the ceremony.

2006 Gerald Cook, pianist with the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, dies in Chicago, Illinois, at age 85.

2005 The Strokes make their first and only appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 when "Juicebox" peaks at #98. The First Impressions Of Earth single fares much better in the UK, where it lands at #5.

2001 Rev. Howard Finster - a Baptist minister who also designed '80s album covers for the likes of R.E.M. and Talking Heads - dies of congestive heart failure at age 84.

2000 R.E.M. returns to their hometown of Athens, Georgia, where they play three songs on the courthouse steps as part of a local festival called Land Aid, which is an effort to better the community.

1999 The Temptations earn their first platinum record when their 56th album Phoenix Rising finally sells its millionth copy.

1998 Robert E. True (guitarist for The Vagabonds) dies of skin cancer in Burbank, California, at age 82. True started his musical career at age 16 in MGM's studio orchestra.

1997 Appearing on the BBC TV show Clive Anderson – All Talk, the Bee Gees walk out of their interview after several minutes of uncomfortable conversation where they are derided by the host. At one point, Anderson calls them "hit writers," and then adds, "We're one letter short."

1997 In Italy, the Big 5 record labels - BMG, EMI, PolyGram, Sony and Warner Music - are found guilty of establishing a price-fixing cartel and fined the equivalent of $4.5 million.

1997 Jazz bassist Harry Goodman - brother of King of Swing bandleader Benny Goodman - dies of complications from a stroke at age 91.

1993 Annette Funicello receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on her 51st birthday.

1991 Neil Young & Crazy Horse release Weld, a collection of live songs from the Ragged Glory promotional tour.

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Evanescence Founder Quits Mid-Tour


In the middle of their first world tour and flush with fame from their debut album, Evanescence founder Ben Moody abruptly quits the band.

Moody and lead singer Amy Lee formed the band in 1996, with keyboard player David Hodges joining in 1999. After years of struggle, they finally hit it big with their debut album, Fallen, released in March 2003, but by this time, the band is coming apart. Hodges left a few months before it was released, and Moody and Lee - once the best of friends - are at odds. By the time Moody leaves, the album has sold over 2 million copies and the band is a sensation. Lee says she is shocked by Moody's sudden departure, but he says she encouraged it. He writes in an open letter on the band's message boards: "On the night of the 22nd, Amy made her wishes clear, sending me a message saying, and I quote, 'Get on a plane, and never come back.' Hearing those words, I was overcome with the reality that I had allowed myself to become someone that my once best friend would feel that way about." The band's next gig is two days later in Berlin, and it goes on as planned - Terry Balsamo from Cold eventually becomes Moody's replacement. And while there is no interruption to the tour, Moody's departure is a huge topic on the band's extremely active online community. "We were very young people in a very stressful situation," he explains. "We were becoming two very different people. I believe we both contributed to the resentment of the deterioration of our friendship that quickly turned into a downward spiral of animosity, conflicting opinions, and a very volatile environment." The next time Lee and Moody see each other is at the Grammy Awards in 2004, where the band wins for Best New Artist. Evanescence carries on, releasing their second album, The Open Door, in 2006. Lee stays mum on Moody, directing her ire in the album's hit single "Call Me When You're Sober" at another rocker: her ex-boyfriend, Shaun Morgan of Seether. In 2010, Moody releases an album with his new band, We Are The Fallen. This group also features a female lead singer: Carly Smithson of American Idol fame.



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