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2019 The blockbuster film Joker becomes the first film to use "Rock And Roll Part 2" since Gary Glitter's 2015 conviction for pedophilia. Many in the UK, where Glitter's crimes are well-known, are outraged because it earns the disgraced glam rocker substantial royalties.

2019 After being reissued for its 50th anniversary, The Beatles' Abbey Road album returns to #1 in the UK, where it spent 17 weeks in the top spot in 1969 and 1970.

2017 In San Francisco, T-Pain kicks off an acoustic tour, performing his hits without his famous Auto-Tune.

2014 Paul Revere of Paul Revere & the Raiders dies at age 76.

2012 Loudon Wainwright III guest stars as a Texas sheriff on the "Bad Code" episode of the CBS crime drama Person of Interest.

2007 Pitchfork gives Bon Iver's debut album, For Emma, Forever Ago, a positive review (8.1) leading to huge record label interest.

2006 Barbra Streisand's tour-opening performance at Philadelphia's Wachovia Center is the highest single event gross in the 10-year history of the arena. Streisand grosses $5,265,600 from 16,510 attendants.

2005 Nickelback release their fifth album, All The Right Reasons, with the hits "Photograph," "Far Away" and "Rockstar." It goes to #1 in their native Canada and also in the US, where it sells over 10 million copies.

2005 Exodus releases their seventh studio album, Shovel Headed Kill Machine.

2005 Michael Gibbins (drummer for Badfinger) dies in his sleep in Florida, at age 56.

2001 Usher and So Solid Crew each take home two honors at the sixth annual MOBO Awards.

2000 Teenage UK R&B vocalist Craig David wins a record three MasterCard Music of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards at London's Alexandra Palace. He is named Best UK Newcomer and wins awards for Best R&B Act and Best UK Single for "Fill Me In."

1999 Jimi Hendrix's half-sister Janie announces her plans to exhume the body of her famous brother and move it to a mausoleum where curious onlookers can view it for a price. The public outcry forces her to shelve the idea.

1999 15-year-old country music singer Jessica Andrews is honored in her native Carroll County, Tennessee, where she receives the first-ever Youth Achievement Award.

1999 Jazz trumpeter Art Farmer dies of a heart attack in Manhattan, New York, at age 71.

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Janis Joplin Dies At Age 27


Janis Joplin is found dead at the Landmark Hotel in Los Angeles after a heroin overdose. She was just 27.

Joplin's road manager, John Cooke, went looking for her when she didn't turn up for a recording session. When there was no answer at her door, he got the key from the front desk and found Joplin dead. The singer had battled heroin addiction and seemed to have it beat, but while recording her Pearl album, she started taking it again in small doses to get her through the sessions. The recordings went well and were nearly finished when Joplin's musicians, the Full Tilt Boogie Band, put down tracks for the last song, "Buried Alive In The Blues." Joplin liked what she heard and planned to do her vocal the next day. Around 11 p.m. on October 3, she and the band grabbed some food and a few drinks at Barney's Beanery, and an hour or so later headed to the Landmark, where they were staying. Joplin was usually on time, so when she didn't show for the session on October 4, her producer, Paul Rothchild, called Cooke, who entered her room around 8 p.m. The time of death is estimated at 1:40 a.m. Joplin died because the heroin she got that night from a local dealer was nearly pure, about 10 times stronger than what she was used to. It's an all-too-common tragedy; Jimi Hendrix died of an overdose just 16 days earlier; in July 1971, Jim Morrison meets a similar fate. All three are 27 when they die. The Pearl album is released on January 12, 1971. "Buried Alive In The Blues" is left on as an instrumental, and "Mercedes Benz," a song Joplin recorded on a lark her last night alive, is included a capella. The album goes to #1 in America, as does the single "Me And Bobby McGee."


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Barb Brown from Vancouver, Wa. 98660Just to tragic for words it's a shame she was huge and on her way. A power house but just that heroin is just a killer. No matter what drug her liver would have wore out eventually according to her autopsy she had early signs of sepsis zlready. When she wasn't working she needed and wanted to be numb. Those Bullys really stripped Janis of her true self worth. They poked fun at her soul and put her down for her creativity self image but, aside from her hippie lifestyle it was the 60s and she fit right in but, the damage I believe was just to deep to cope with she tried to numb it, find a crowd who accepted her for who she was and didn't judge her or her interests, talent,looks,etc.but, she was very kind,fun,sweet look who she dated and she was a wild child who liked to party and have fun Just to much at times it took drugs and alcohol to take the edge off, relax, cope with the overwhelming success, depression, loneliness, emptiness, sadness of going to a motel room after a concert alone again. To fill any void but to mainly block out those horrific bad times that those cruel people did to her in her hometown. I was bullied it can kill your being and self esteem and torture your heart no matter how much counseling you get or no drugs it takes something powerful and even a strong belief in God can't always take that cruel deep rooted evil that those people did to her because she was talented, smart, different, not like them so they did all that and whoever nominated her at college for the ugliest man contest should have been arrested for slander because that's what was the final nail I believe to her addiction(s) siralthat led into her eventually dying. She didn't deserve that abuse and harsh judgement. Look what she achieved in a short time and who she ended up meeting and doing Woodstock. Bet, those Bullys never came close to meeting or touring with Grateful dead, mamas and the papas, jimi hendrix and dated Kris Kristofferson wrote a song 1 hit together he still cries. And many more great artists and became queen of rock, blues, folk, jazz in 4 years. She would have been even bigger and more if she hadn't died. So, cruel ones shame on you and Janis Joplin true fans we carry her greatness because she had more of that to judge then her personal issues. You rock it on earth I'm sure you've done the same in Heaven. Rip Janis Joplin's legacy lives forever and eternity. Damaged no more and pain free with " freedoms just another name, for nothing else to lose. I love you JJfanforeverand2eternityyourlegacylivesthroughusso, wecznsprezdyourtzlentzndmesszgetogether. For:Janis joplin share this message she lives on if we share...... Please Thankyou for reading and Sharing her musical artistic legacy. Amen!!! By, BABs2021 xoxo
Brad Bland from Des Moines IowaSo sad so many of Rocks greatest gone so young...We miss you Rest In Peace.

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