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1996 The "Rock the Vote" campaign to get young people registered in the United States gets some NFL involvement, with quarterbacks Jeff Blake, Drew Bledsoe, Jim Kelly and Steve Young recording public service announcements.

1995 Peter Frampton kicks off a tour in Boston three days before the release of Frampton Comes Alive II, the sequel to his 1975 smash Frampton Comes Alive - the best-selling live album in history.

1990 Soundgarden perform at the Gathering of the Tribes festival in Costa Mesa, California. In the crowd is Eddie Vedder, who the next day flies to Seattle and meets his Pearl Jam bandmates for the first time. Vedder and Chris Cornell of Soundgarden end up recording vocals together that day for the song "Hunger Strike" as part of the Temple of the Dog project.

1988 The documentary Imagine: John Lennon, commissioned by Yoko Ono and directed by Andrew Solt, opens in theaters.

1987 Exodus releases their second studio album, Pleasures of the Flesh.

1982 Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page is given a one-year suspended sentence for cocaine possession.

1978 The Rolling Stones play their new single "Beast Of Burden" on Saturday Night Live.

1978 Merle Haggard marries his third wife: Leona Williams, a bass player and singer with Loretta Lynn. The marriage lasts six years.

1978 Billboard magazine reveals that Marvin Gaye has declared bankruptcy twice in the past year, claiming debts of over seven million dollars.

1976 Dennis Edwards announces he is leaving The Temptations. Four years later, he would rejoin for the group's successful Power album.

1975 The US Court of Appeals overturns the longstanding deportation order for John Lennon, ruling that Lennon, in being held accountable for violating a foreign law (a 1968 rap for possession of marijuana in England), had been denied due process.

1971 Michael Jackson releases "Got To Be There."

1969 Leeroy Thornhill (of The Prodigy) is born in Barking, East London, England.

1969 The Youngbloods' "Get Together" is certified gold.

1968 Thom Yorke (lead singer/songwriter for Radiohead) is born in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, England.

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Rolling Stones Kick Off Most Lucrative Festival Ever


The Rolling Stones play the first night of the Desert Trip festival, which also features Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Neil Young, Roger Waters and the Who. The six-day (split over two weekends) event rakes in $160 million, making it the highest-earning music festival ever.

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