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1973 Bruce Springsteen releases his second album, The Wild, The Innocent And The E Street Shuffle.

1971 Richard Ashcroft (lead singer for The Verve) is born in Billinge Higher End, Wigan, England.

1967 Crooner Harry Connick, Jr. is born Joseph Harry Fowler Connick Jr. in New Orleans, Louisiana.

1967 The Beatles begin filming Magical Mystery Tour.

1965 The Beatles' Help! album hits #1 in America and stays for nine weeks.

1965 Electronica musician Moby is born Richard Melville Hall in Harlem, New York City.

1962 Neil Sedaka marries his wife, Leba.

1962 The Beatles record their first British singles: "Love Me Do" and "P.S. I Love You."

1960 Tommy Sands marries Nancy Sinatra (they divorce five years later).

1958 Lloyd Price records the original, uncensored version of "Stagger Lee."

1958 LaVern Baker records "I Cried A Tear."

1957 Jon Moss (drummer for Culture Club) is born in Wandsworth, South London, England.

1945 Dennis Tufano (original lead singer for The Buckinghams) is born Dennis Stanley Joseph Tufano in Chicago, Illinois.

1943 Mickey Hart (one of the drummers for Grateful Dead) is born Michael Steven Hartman in Brooklyn but would be raised in Long Island, New York.

1935 Composer Arvo Pärt is born in Paide, Järva County, Estonia. Created the tintinnabuli style of composition.

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