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1986 John Farnham's "You're The Voice" is released in Australia, where it becomes an institution, sung wherever fighting spirit is needed. In America is barely makes a ripple, charting at #82 in 1990.

1982 At the Los Angeles Forum, Queen play their last American concert with Freddie Mercury, who dies nine years later. Michael Jackson joins the band backstage before the show. On Queen's subsequent tours with Mercury, they skip America.

1980 David Bowie debuts on Broadway in The Elephant Man.

1979 Led Zeppelin's album In Through The Out Door hits #1 in the US, displacing Get The Knack by The Knack. It stays on top for seven weeks, but ends up being their swan song when drummer John Bonham dies a year later.

1976 Pop singer Ivette Sosa (of Eden's Crush) is born in Edison, New Jersey. Known for the 2001 hit "Get Over Yourself."

1973 The protest singer Victor Jara is brutally murdered in Chile under orders by the country's new dictator, Augusto Pinochet. The incident inspires Calexico's 2008 track "Victor Jara's Hands."

1973 Helen Reddy's "Delta Dawn" hits #1 in America, where it stays for one week.

1972 John Lennon and Yoko Ono release Some Time In New York City in the UK.

1970 Spiro Agnew, Vice President of the US, claims that "The youth of America are being brainwashed into a drug culture of rock music, movies, books and tabloid newspapers."

1969 DJ Kay Gee (of Naughty by Nature) is born Keir Gist in East Orange, New Jersey.

1969 Ed Sullivan releases "The Sulli-Gully."

1968 Jim Morrison collapses during Jefferson Airplane's set at a concert in Amsterdam, forcing The Doors, who are sharing the bill, to go on as a trio.

1965 Frankie Avalon guest stars on The Patty Duke Show in the episode "A Foggy Day In Brooklyn Heights."

1962 The Four Seasons' "Sherry" hits #1 for the first of five weeks.

1960 Mitch Dorge (drummer/percussionist for Crash Test Dummies) is born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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