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2015 The day after releasing his debut album, Up Next, rapper Fetty Wap is injured in a motorcycle accident in Paterson, New Jersey, when he collides head-on with an oncoming vehicle. His injuries put him out of action, but thanks to the hit single "Trap Queen," the album climbs the charts and hits #1 while he's still in the hospital. When Fetty returns to the stage on October 22 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, he does his set from a specially designed throne with his injured leg elevated.

2014 Mark Loomis (lead guitarist of The Chocolate Watchband) dies in Hawaii.

2014 Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke releases his second solo album, Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, for just $6 on the peer-to-peer file-sharing platform BitTorrent. According to the album's producer, Nigel Godrich, "It could be an effective way of handing some control of Internet commerce back to people who are creating the work." In just over a week, the album averages 1.8 million downloads.

2012 Pink, aka "P!nk," scores her first #1 album in America with The Truth About Love.

2012 Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro gets into hot water for his slurs against Lady Gaga. The extensive rant consists, in part, of "There's Gaga. Here's this, this, I would call her a slut. This slut is influencing many, many children."

2007 Phil Spector's first trial in the murder case of Lana Clarkson in 2003 ends in a hung jury, with 10 guilty votes and two not guilty. A retrial begins the next year, and he is eventually found guilty.

2003 54-year-old Robert Palmer dies of a heart attack in Paris after a quiet dinner and a movie.

2002 Colin Hay of Men at Work appears throughout the Scrubs episode "My Overkill," performing his song "Overkill" in various fantasy sequences.

2000 The popular songwriter Carl Sigman dies. Among his many compositions: "It's All In The Game" and "Marshmallow World."

2000 Good Charlotte release their self-titled debut album.

2000 98 Degrees' new album Revelation is premiered in US Wal-Mart stores via an exclusive satellite broadcast concert.

2000 Creed lead singer Scott Stapp launches his With Arms Wide Open Foundation with a fundraising re-release of the song "With Arms Wide Open."

1998 The father of Blackhawk's Dave Robbins dies of a heart attack the day after watching his son perform at the North Georgia State Fair.

1998 Prince (who is using an unpronounceable symbol as his name) injures his ankle performing at a show in Atlantic City and is forced to postpone his remaining tour dates.

1998 MTV Russia debuts at midnight with Prodigy Live in Moscow, a concert taped in spring 1997. The first Russian video on the network is Mummy Troll's "Vladivostock 2000."

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Hurricane Andrew Relief Concert


Gloria Estefan stages a star-studded concert to provide relief to victims of Hurricane Andrew.

In late August 1992, Hurricane Andrew devastated Southern Florida, where Gloria Estefan was raised. After visiting the area with her husband/bandleader Emilio and surveying the damage, the Estefans organized a concert to provide relief. The concert, which later airs on Showtime as Hurricane Relief, is held at Joe Robbie Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins. Over 53,000 fans turn out to see Gloria perform along with special guests that include Paul Simon, Jimmy Buffett, Weird Al Yankovic, Whoopi Goldberg, Andy Garcia, Rosie O'Donnell and Bobcat Goldthwait. The show goes on until 3 a.m. and raises over $4 million. Estefan continues her efforts by releasing a song called "Always Tomorrow" with proceeds going to the cause.



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