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2016 Skillet's 2009 track "Monster" goes double platinum with more than 2.6 million sales and streams, making it the biggest digital single in Christian music history.

2009 Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band perform at the Bridgestone halftime show during Super Bowl XLIII between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

2007 Italian-American composer Gian Carlo Menotti, who twice won the Pulitzer Prize for the '50s operas The Consul and The Saint of Bleecker Street, dies at age 95.

2007 Wayne Fontana, famous for fronting Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders, pours gasoline on the car of a bailiff sent to collect a debt, and sets the vehicle on fire. At his hearing in November, Fontana shows up dressed as Lady Justice, complete with sword and scales. The judge is not amused, sentencing him to 11 months in prison, and stating: "He has come dressed as a fool and he wants to act like a fool - I hope they give him a prison uniform at Nottingham Prison to keep him warm."

2003 Latin-jazz percussionist Mongo Santamaria dies after suffering a stroke at age 85.

2000 The Christian rock band Skillet release their third studio album, Invincible. It's the band's first release without founding member Ken Steorts, who is replaced by Kevin Haaland on guitar.

1994 Green Day release their third album (their first on a major label), Dookie. That night, they play a gig at Slim's in San Francisco with The Dead Milkmen.

1994 Tori Amos releases her second album, Under The Pink, featuring the hit single "Cornflake Girl."More

1994 Harry Styles of One Direction is born in Cheshire, England.

1989 Paul Robi (of The Platters) dies of cancer at age 57 in Los Angeles, California.

1988 After an arduous year of touring and recording, The Cars officially disband. The return in 2011 for an album and tour, but part ways for good soon after.

1987 Journey wrap up their Raised on Radio tour with a show in Anchorage, Alaska. It's their last tour with Steve Perry, who makes one more album with the band, Trial by Fire, in 1996.

1986 Dick James, co-founder of DJM Records and the Beatles' publishing company Northern Songs, dies of a heart attack at age 65.

1986 Diana Ross weds Norwegian businessman Arne Naess in Geneva, Switzerland.

1985 The Eagles' Glenn Frey makes his acting debut in an episode of NBC's Miami Vice that is based on his song "Smuggler's Blues."

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Indiana Governor Bans "Louie Louie"


Indiana Governor Matthew Walsh bans the Kingsmen's version of "Louie Louie," calling it "pornographic" and making (literally) a federal case out of it.

Responding to complaints that the lyrics are obscene, The FBI does a thorough investigation, resulting in a 118-page report that is both confounding and wildly amusing. One letter of complaint reads: "We all know there is obscene materials available for those who seek it, but when they start sneaking in this material in the guise of the latest 'teen age rock & roll hit record,' these morons have gone too far. This land of ours is headed for an extreme state of moral degradation what with this record." The song is sent to the "laboratory," where apparently it is dissected in an attempt to identify the lyrics - no easy task considering it is both distorted and mumbled. At some point, the FBI figures out that someone made up a dirty version of the lyrics which was distributed in various cities, sparking a rumor that these were the actual words. A sample of this "dirty version": Tonight at 10 I'll lay her again We'll f--k your girl and by the way And... on that chair I'll lay her there I felt my bone... in her hair The investigation spans several states, as transporting obscene material across state lines is an even more serious offense. In every state where an investigation takes place, they reach the same conclusion. The Detroit office writes: "The recording was hurriedly produced and the technique was poor but the record definitely was not obscene."



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