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2020 The British music magazine Q publishes its last issue, ending a 34-year run.

2018 Neil Diamond stops by the command post near his home in Basalt, Colorado, to play for firefighters and rescue personnel who have been battling wildfires in the area.

2016 Marianne Ihlen, the subject of Leonard Cohen's song "So Long, Marianne," dies at 81. Before her death, Cohen sent her a letter that read, in part, "Know that I am so close behind you that if you stretch out your hand, I think you can reach mine." Cohen joins her in death on November 7.

2016 Katy Perry performs her songs "Roar" and "Rise" on the final night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Before she sings, she encourages voters to support Hillary Clinton.More

2007 "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's hits #1 in America two years after it was first released. "Delilah" is the runner Delilah DiCrescenzo, who lead singer Tom Higgenson was trying to impress with a song.

2004 George Williams (lead vocalist for The Tymes) dies in Maple Shade, New Jersey, at age 68.

2001 The American Airlines Center in Dallas - new home to the Mavericks (NBA) and Stars (NHL) - opens with a concert by The Eagles, with good seats reselling for about $1,500.

2000 Guitarist Jerome Smith (of KC And The Sunshine Band) dies in a construction-site accident in Miami, Florida, at age 47.

1996 Marge Ganser (of The Shangri-Las) dies of breast cancer at age 48 in Valley Stream, New York.

1996 Jason Thirsk (bass player for Pennywise) dies from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at age 28.

1995 Guitarist Eddie Hinton dies from a heart attack in Birmingham, Alabama. He wrote the Dusty Springfield hit "Breakfast in Bed."

1995 After decades of legal wrangling, James Al Hendrix, surviving father of Jimi, is once again granted legal use of his son's name and likeness for merchandising.

1993 10,000 Maniacs perform with lead singer Natalie Merchant for the last time at the birthday bash for New York radio station Z100 (Bon Jovi, Duran Duran, The Proclaimers and Terence Trent D'Arby are also on the bill). Merchant launches a successful solo career and the band soldiers on without her, bringing new lead singer Mary Ramsey into the fold.

1992 Prince trademarks the male/female symbol he has been using on various album covers and promotional materials. He later re-designs the symbol and uses it as his name.More

1992 Patti LaBelle walks offstage during her concert in Warwick, Rhode Island after complaining to the audience about the catering backstage.

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Ozzy Is Sent to London's Wormwood Scrubs Prison


Ozzy Osbourne performs "Jailhouse Rock" at Wormwood Scrubs prison in London, England. He says it's his "last good memory of the '80s."

Before the show, Ozzy is treated to tea. During the course of his conversation with the tea maker, it is revealed that the man is in prison because he poisoned eight people to death. Ozzy shoots tea out of his nose and nearly throws his mug against the wall. The Scrubs, a band composed of prison guards and prisoners alike, open for Ozzy. The bass player is the perpetrator of one of the biggest mass killings in British history, having burned 37 people to death in a Soho nightclub. The guitarist is in Wormwood for beating a drug dealer to death. The Scrubs finish and Ozzy takes the stage with guitarist Zakk Wylde and bassist Bob Daisley for the first time. Both men become regular collaborators. The smell of weed is so heavy in the air that it reminds Ozzy of a "Jamaican wedding." There is a bar outside the door serving drinks to some of the guards. Ozzy looks in the crowd and sees Jeremy Bamber, who murdered his entire family and tried to pin it all on his mentally ill sister. Ozzy recognizes “the old Bambinator” from tabloid photos. The show culminates with Ozzy and his band performing "Jailhouse Rock" with the Scrubs. During the song, the crowd storms the stage. The "invasion" is led by a man who tried to cut the head off of constable Keith Blakelock during the infamous Broadwater Farm riot. Ozzy and his band escape unscathed. Later, in his book I Am Ozzy, Ozzy recalls the incident as his "last good memory of the eighties."


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Dave Bruce from UkThe bass player was me Dave Bruce (prison officer) and I formed the band for charity. The report is grossly exaggerated and everybody had a good time. We in the band loved and so did Ozzy.

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