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2018 Drummer D.J. Fontana, known for his work with Elvis Presley, dies at 87.

2017 Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z welcome twins, a girl named Rumi and a boy named Sir.

2017 Anita Pallenberg, who lived with Keith Richards for 13 years and had three kids with him, dies at age 75. Pallenberg inspired the Rolling Stones songs "You Got The Silver" and "Happy."

2010 Country music singer Jimmy Dean dies while watching television at age 81 in Varina, Virginia.

2000 Sinead O'Connor releases Faith and Courage, her first studio album in six years.

1998 During the Dave Matthews Band set at the Tibetan Freedom Concert in Washington, DC's RFK Stadium, concert-goer Lysa Selfon is struck by lightning. With help from an off duty paramedic, she is revived and eventually makes a full recovery.

1995 Fear Factory issues their second full-length effort, Demanufacture. Produced by Colin Richardson, the album spawns such industrial-metal classics as the title track, "Replica," and a cover of Head of David's "Dog Day Sunrise."

1989 Jerry Lee Lewis gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1985 R&B singer Raz B (of B2K) is born De'Mario Monte Thornton in Cleveland, Ohio.

1980 The film Roadie, starring Meat Loaf as, yep, a roadie, opens in theaters.More

1972 39-year-old Clyde McPhatter, who performed with The Dominoes and founded The Drifters before starting a solo career, dies in his sleep after years of alcohol abuse left him with heart, liver, and kidney disease.

1970 Bread release the soft rock classic "Make It With You."

1970 Uriah Heep release their debut album, ...Very 'Eavy ...Very 'Umble, in the UK. Critic Melissa Mills of Rolling Stone says she'll commit suicide if the group "makes it," but the negative critical reaction doesn't stop Heep from appealing to fans and moving on to have a long, successful career as a trailblazing heavy metal band.

1968 David Gray is born in Sale, Cheshire, England.

1963 Paul De Lisle (bassist for Smash Mouth) is born in Exeter, Ontario, Canada.

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Swift Helps Platten With Her "Fight"


Rachel Platten is vaulted into the limelight when Taylor Swift brings her on stage to perform "Fight Song" during her concert in Philadelphia.

Platten, 34, released her first album in 2003 and was thinking of calling it quits when she wrote "Fight Song" as motivation to keep her dreams alive. She was still unsigned when she released the song in 2014. In early 2015, a Baltimore radio station started playing it, and data showed that listeners were Shazaming it like crazy trying to figure out who was singing it. This gave Platten some punch, and Columbia Records gave her a deal, with wide distribution and promotion for the single. When Swift introduces Platten to her 50,000 fans in Philadelphia, she says, "In music, there's such a thing as a breakout moment for a brand new artist, where they come out of nowhere and all of a sudden everybody is singing this song. The song I'm referencing is a song called 'Fight Song.'" After the show, the song makes a steady rise up the Hot 100 to #6, becoming the surprise hit of the summer. Many listeners use it for inspiration, including Hillary Clinton, who adopts it as the theme song of her presidential campaign.



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