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2017 Shania Twain releases "Life's About To Get Good," her first single in five years.

2014 American Top 40 host (and voice of Shaggy on Scooby Doo) Casey Kasem dies at age 82.

2013 Roger LaVern (keyboardist for The Tornados) dies at age 75.

2012 The conservative radio and TV personality Glenn Beck announces plans for launching a competitor to the popular TV series Glee, which revolves around a high school glee club with many musical numbers. Beck, incensed at the show's liberal portrayal of issues such as homosexuality and bullying, tells a Faith & Freedom Coalition conference in Washington that the left "won't know what hit them" when he launches his own conservative version of the show. The show never materializes.

2008 Lionel Richie is given a TV Land Icon Award by the cable network.

2007 Ferlin Huskey undergoes leg surgery in a Springfield, Missouri, hospital to improve his circulation.

1997 Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson appear on VH1's Storytellers.

1996 Aurora is born Aurora Aksnes in Bergen, Norway.

1996 Ella Fitzgerald dies of complications from diabetes at age 79.

1995 Five years after their successful debut After the Rain, Nelson release their second album, Because They Can, which tanks.More

1991 MC Hammer kicks off his Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em world tour in Louisville, Kentucky. About 70 people, who perform various duties on stage, are in the entourage. Rolling Stone reports that Hammer is a taskmaster, fining dancers for missing steps and insisting that everyone go directly to their hotel rooms after shows.

1991 Paula Abdul hits #1 in America with the ballad "Rush, Rush," her fifth chart-topper. A young Keanu Reeves is in the video.

1990 At Lake City Concert Hall, in Seattle, Washington, bassist Ben Shepherd plays his first show with Soundgarden.

1989 The Offspring's self-titled debut album is released only on vinyl. A CD and cassette reissue are eventually released in 1995.

1988 "If You Wanna Be Happy" singer Jimmy Soul dies of a heart attack at age 45 after years of drug use takes its toll.

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Nirvana Release Bleach


Nirvana's debut album, Bleach, is released, with a cover tune as its lead single.

Hailing from Aberdeen, a small logging community in Washington State, Nirvana caught the attention of Sub Pop records, an indie label that captured Seattle's burgeoning grunge sound with acts like Soundgarden and Mudhoney on the roster. With Kurt Cobain as their frontman, the group showed up to Reciprocal Studios to record a handful of tunes under the helm of producer Jack Endino. The sessions turned into their debut album, Bleach, its title inspired by advertisements that instructed drug users to clean up their needles to help quell the AIDS epidemic. Nirvana had been performing Shocking Blue's "Love Buzz" during their live gigs but never intended the psychedelic '60s tune to launch their first album. Cobain thought the track was too lightweight, preferring the rawness of "Negative Creep," which showcased his primitive vocals, or the bittersweetness of "About A Girl," a pop-inspired ballad that encompassed the complex emotions of a failed romance. But Sub Pop cofounder Jonathan Poneman insisted on "Love Buzz," so they relented. Sub Pop, however, only pressed 1,000 copies of the single as part of a marketing ploy for their new Single of the Month Club, where subscribers could purchase singles in advance at an inflated cost. "Love Buzz" sold out almost immediately and became an instant collector's item. The band wasn't happy, because regular folks didn't have a chance to buy the single, but the buzz surrounding "Love Buzz" got Nirvana on people's radar in anticipation of their debut. While the band doesn't truly breakthrough until the release of Nevermind, they make an impression with Bleach. "We put out Bleach," recalls Sub Pop cofounder Bruce Pavitt, "and gosh, it just kept selling. Never ever in the history of our company have I seen a record just sell and sell and sell. They did tour, but a lot of bands tour. The word of mouth was there. There was something special there."


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