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2017 Mitch Margo of The Tokens, who had a #1 hit in 1961 with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," dies at age 70.

2014 Eminem releases the two-disc compilation album Shady XV.

2014 Iggy Azalea reissues her debut album, The New Classic, as Reclassified. The re-release features five newly recorded songs.

2003 Glen Campbell is arrested for drunk driving and hit-and-run charges in Phoenix, Arizona, after crashing his BMW into another car at another intersection and continuing on. The 67-year-old Campbell, who is sentenced to ten days in jail, allegedly knees an officer's groin during the arrest.

2001 Pop singer Melanie Thornton (lead singer for La Bouche) dies in a plane crash (Crossair Flight 3597) near Zurich, Switzerland, at age 34.

1998 The Metallica compilation of cover tunes, Garage, Inc., is released.

1997 Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols is the defendant in an episode of Judge Judy. The case is a wrongful termination suit brought on by his former drummer, which Rotten wins.

1994 Oasis is named Best UK Band at the first annual MTV European Music Awards.

1993 Albert Collins, electric blues guitarist and singer, dies of cancer in Las Vegas, Nevada, at age 61. The "Master of the Telecaster" can be seen in a cameo appearance in the 1987 comedy Adventures in Babysitting (performing "Babysitting Blues" with the cast).

1991 Eric Carr of Kiss dies of heart cancer at age 41.

1985 Bluesman Big Joe Turner, real name Joseph Vernon Turner Jr., dies of heart failure after a series of illnesses in Inglewood, California, at age 74.

1978 In a clear prelude to his coming "Christian" direction, the Jewish-born Bob Dylan plays tonight's gig in Fort Worth, Texas, wearing a large gold cross around his neck.

1974 In the midst of his infamous "Lost Weekend," John Lennon rehearses with Elton John for Elton's upcoming Madison Square Garden performance, where Lennon makes a surprise appearance.

1973 Ringo Starr's "Photograph" hits #1.

1972 Produced by Don Kirshner, the TV series In Concert debuts on ABC as a competitor to NBC's Midnight Special. Guests on the first episode include Chuck Berry, Alice Cooper, Blood, Sweat & Tears, The Allman Brothers Band, and Poco.

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"Pharma Bro" Martin Shkreli Buys Only Copy Of Wu-Tang Clan Album


The only copy of Wu-Tang Clan's new double album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin is sold at auction. The buyer is not Wu-Tang obsessive Quentin Tarantino as many hoped, but Martin Shkreli, a 32-year-old pharmaceutical executive notorious for buying a drug company and raising the price of their AIDS drug Daraprim from $13.50 to $750 per pill.

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