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2011 Lana Del Rey releases her first single, "Video Games," a song inspired by two fractured relationships.

2010 R&B/soul singer Solomon Burke dies on an airplane at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Though the cause of death was not known, the singer had long struggled with his weight and his health, and his doctor suspected he had a pulmonary embolism.

2009 Pop singer Stephen Gately (of Boyzone), age 33, dies of a congenital heart defect in Majorca, Spain.

2007 Art Todd (half of the singing duo Art and Dotty Todd) dies of congestive heart failure in Honolulu, Hawaii, at age 93. Known for the '50s hits "Broken Wings" and "Chanson D'Amour."

2006 Sting releases Songs From the Labyrinth, an album of 16th-century lute songs.

2006 21-year-old Lily Allen, who has gained fame in her native England, plays for the first time in the United States, performing at the Hiro Ballroom in New York City.

2002 Six months after Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes is killed in a car accident, TLC release their fourth album, 3D, which she worked on before her death.

2001 Under pressure to change their name because of letter attacks using anthrax germs, the metal band Anthrax issues a press release explaining they will not. "In light of current events, we are changing the name of the band to something more friendly, 'Basket Full Of Puppies,'" they state. "Actually, just the fact that we are making jokes about our name sucks."More

1999 Las Vegas' Grand Hotel holds an auction of several hundred thousand dollars' worth of Elvis memorabilia, including the King's wristwatch, cigar box, and his 1956 Lincoln Continental.

1998 The deadly force of Hurricane Georges not only knocks out telephone, water, and electricity services in Puerto Rico, it also bumps the Hot Latin Tracks chart from Billboard Magazine. For the first time in its 10-year history, the chart is not published because of damage to Broadcast Data Systems monitors caused by the storm, which hit the island late in September.

1997 Jimmy Osmond, who is the youngest of the singing Osmond family, welcomes his second child, Zachary, who is the 50th grandchild of George and Olive Osmond, the parents of the nine Osmond siblings.

1997 Davy Jones sings "Daydream Believer" to Melissa Joan Hart on the Sabrina, the Teenage Witch episode "Dante's Inferno."

1995 Peter Frampton releases Frampton Comes Alive II. The album is the sequel to his 1975 smash Frampton Comes Alive - the best-selling live album in history.

1992 Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash gets married for the first time, tying the knot with actress Renee Suran in Marina Del Rey, California. They divorce in 1997; Slash gets married again in 2001.

1986 The film True Stories, directed by and starring David Byrne, is released in theaters. The soundtrack serves as Talking Heads' seventh album.

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James Brown Endorses Richard Nixon


James Brown alienates much of his audience by meeting with President Richard Nixon in the White House and endorsing him in his bid for re-election.

Brown, who doesn't claim a political affiliation, uses the brief meeting to push for a national holiday celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Nixon says he's "aware of that." Tape recordings from the Oval Office reveal Nixon pushing back against the meeting, saying, "No more black stuff. No more blacks from now on. Just don't bring 'em in here." When an aide explains that Brown has huge influence in the black community, he reluctantly agrees. Nixon is despised by most black voters, but Brown is politically conservative, hewing to a message of rising up on your own. His hope is that Nixon will provide opportunities that African Americans can use to rise up as business owners. His support for Nixon leads to protests, with some fans calling him a sell-out. After Nixon won in 1968, Brown played at his inauguration; after Nixon's victory in 1972, Brown skips it because the White House refuses to pay for the performance. Brown soon grows frustrated with Nixon, and takes him to task on the 1973 song "You Can Have Watergate Just Gimme Some Bucks And l'll Be Straight." When Jimmy Carter is elected president in 1976, Brown attends one of his inaugural balls.



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