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2021 Carole King, Tina Turner, Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Todd Rundgren, the Go-Go's and Foo Fighters are inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

2013 Peter Haycock (frontman for Climax Blues Band) dies of a heart attack in Frankfurt, Germany, at age 62.

2008 The makers of Rock Band secure the rights to produce the first-ever Beatles music video game.

2007 The Eagles release their first album since 1979, Long Road Out of Eden, and Britney Spears issues her fifth album, Blackout. Thanks to a fanbase more comfortable with buying CDs than downloading, the Eagles easily outsell her, moving 7 million copies in America to Spears' 1 million.

2007 Singer/actor Robert Goulet dies while awaiting a lung transplant in Los Angeles, California, at age 73. He had been diagnosed with the rare, progressive disease idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

2006 Keane becomes the first major act to release a song on a USB memory stick. For £3.99, fans can purchase the 512MB drive at HMV stores, plug it into a computer, and transfer the track "Nothing In My Way" along with various videos and screensavers. The "single on a stick" format would fail to catch on.

2003 Pink Floyd manager Steve O'Rourke dies after suffering a stroke at age 63.

2002 The entire episode of The Late Show with David Letterman is dedicated to Warren Zevon, who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He plays three songs (his last performances), chats candidly with the host, and offers this sage advice: "enjoy every sandwich."

2002 Jason Mizell aka Jam Master Jay (of Run-DMC), age 37, is shot and killed at a recording studio in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens, New York. Although authorities suspect convicted drug dealer Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, a friend of Murder Inc. founders Irv and Chris Gotti, of the crime along with accomplice Randy "Stretch" Walker, they are not convicted and the murder remains unsolved.

2001 Lenny Kravitz releases his sixth studio album, Lenny, featuring his fourth Grammy Award-winning hit, "Dig In."

2001 Tim Booth announces that James' forthcoming UK tour is to be his last with the band. With 11 albums and 20 Top-40 UK singles under its belt with Booth at the helm, the Manchester-based group's remaining members plan to continue making music together following the singer's departure.

2001 Barbra Streisand releases Christmas Memories.

2000 TV personality Steve Allen, also a composer and writer, dies of a heart attack after a minor car accident in Encino, California, at age 78. Allen was a frequent panelist on the long-running game show What's My Line?, the host of the game show I've Got a Secret, and the first host of The Tonight Show.

1998 Original members of Black Sabbath reunite for a one-off performance on Late Show with David Letterman.

1997 The Senate passes the music industry's "La Cienega" bill by a voice vote. The bill closes a loophole in the 1909 copyright Act that put into peril most pre-1978 music copyrights.

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Bob Dylan Plays For The People On Rolling Thunder Revue


Bob Dylan performs the first show of his Rolling Thunder Revue at the War Memorial Auditorium in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Later the subject of two documentaries, the unusual tour is no ordinary cash grab.

Dylan has planned the Revue as a way to escape the soulless super-stardom he's been living and return to his roots. Most of the shows are in intimate settings in small towns - a distinct contrast to the big productions he's gotten accustomed to. Dylan also wants the experience to be accessible to all of his fans, so low ticket prices are essential. The Rolling Thunder Revue is truly intended to be "for the people." The tour is kept primarily in New England but sneaks into Canada for four shows and wraps up in locations around New York City. One stop is at the University of Lowell in Lowell, Massachusetts, home to Beat Generation novelist and Dylan inspiration Jack Kerouac. Dylan visits the writer's grave while there. Joan Baez, Bob Neuwrith, Joni Mitchell, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Roger McGuinn, and others join Dylan on tour. The Revue wraps up at Madison Square Garden, where Dylan plays "Hurricane" at a benefit show for boxer Rubin Carter, whom Dylan believes was wrongfully imprisoned for crimes he didn't commit. Most accounts of the tour remember it as a magical experience unlike anything that came before. Along the way, much of it is filmed, resulting in two unusual documentaries. Renaldo and Clara, released in 1978, presents the footage alongside fictional vignettes, with some strange editing - it is almost universally panned by fans and critics alike. The 2019 effort Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese gets a much better reception.



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