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2020 Johnny Nash, whose "I Can See Clearly Now" was the first reggae song to hit #1 in America, dies at 80.

2020 Van Halen leader Eddie Van Halen, widely hailed as one of the greatest guitarists who ever lived, dies of throat cancer at 65.

2006 Fabulous Wailers guitarist and trumpeter John Greek dies.

2006 Mumbai-based EMI Virgin India Ltd announces that it will recall all copies of Slayer's most recent album Christ Illusion following protests by a Christian group, Mumbai-based Catholic Secular Forum (CSF).

2004 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline file paperwork making their surprise wedding from a few weeks earlier legal. Spears gets a prenuptial agreement, which comes in handy when they divorce in 2007.

2002 Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones donates 100,000 pounds to the school he once attended in Dartford, England, for musical instruments and a band director. The resultant musical center is named after the singer.

2000 The TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation debuts on CBS with "Who Are You?" by The Who as the theme song. Three more series in the franchise appear, all with theme songs by The Who: CSI: Miami ("Won't Get Fooled Again"), CSI: NY ("Baba O'Riley") and CSI: Cyber ("I Can See For Miles").

2000 Three investors in Steven Seagal's as-yet-unreleased album sue the actor, alleging that he has no intention of completing the project. Michael Vanderhoof, Michael Khaled, and Donald Danks claim they put a total of $600,000 into the recording of the album and the making of an accompanying documentary film.

1999 Portuguese singer/actress Amalia Rodrigues dies in Lisbon, Portugal, at age 79.

1998 Loud Records and members of Loud/RCA rap group the Wu-Tang Clan are sued by a woman claiming battery, false imprisonment, and defamation, among other allegations. Bridget Gray, an actress and dancer, seeks compensatory and punitive damages for an August 1997 incident in which she alleges that members of the Wu-Tang Clan made derogatory comments and held her against her will while she was hired to appear in a video for the group.

1998 Country group Alabama joins the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 7060 Hollywood Boulevard.

1998 Gospel star Kirk Franklin and Interscope Records are hit with a $75 million lawsuit by Linda Searight, the founder of God's Property, a gospel group that has recorded and performed with Franklin. Searight claims she was cheated out of payment for her involvement in God's Property.

1994 Glenn Frey has stomach surgery for diverticulitis, causing the Eagles to postpone dates on their their Hell Freezes Over tour, which resumes in January.

1991 Ray Charles is honored on the Fox TV special Ray Charles: 50 Years Of Music. Highlights of the show include Charles performing "Living For The City" with Stevie Wonder and "Busted" with Willie Nelson.

1985 Nelson Riddle - an arranger, composer, bandleader and orchestrator known for his work with Frank Sinatra, among many others - dies of cardiac and kidney failure related to cirrhosis of the liver in Los Angeles, California, at age 64.

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Jesse Jackson Takes On Rolling Stones


Atlantic Records head Ahmet Ertegun meets with Jesse Jackson, who has beef with The Rolling Stones' "Some Girls," specifically the line, "black girls just want to get f--ked all night."

Jackson is head of Operation PUSH (People United to Save Humanity), which has been fighting against "sex-rock" lyrics in songs, urging record companies to take a "strong ethical posture." He claims the song "degrades blacks and women," and threatens boycotts. Ertegun passes the buck, telling Jackson that the group has complete creative control, so it's really up to them. Jagger, who ignored Atlantic's warnings that the song would cause problems, is surprised that some listeners aren't getting the joke. He points out that it's not just black girls who are represented in the lyric, but many others as well. For instance: French girls they want Cartier Italian girls want cars American girls want everything in the world You can possibly imagine "I really like girls an awfully lot, and I don't think I'd say anything really nasty about any of them," he says. "The song's supposed to be funny." On October 12, The Stones give Jackson a bromide in the form of a statement that reads: "It never occurred to us that our parody of certain stereotypical attitudes would be taken seriously by anyone who heard the entire lyric of the song in question. No insult was intended, and if any was taken, we sincerely apologize." No further action is taken on the song, and Operation PUSH soon shifts its focus to other matters, including affirmative action and corporate equality. Saturday Night Live has some fun with the controversy, with Garrett Morris appearing as a sociologist and asking where he can find these black girls who just want to have sex all night. "You got any phone numbers for me?" he asks.



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