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1949 Thomas McClary (lead guitarist for the Commodores) is born Eustis, Florida.

1949 Bobby Farrell (of Boney M.) is born in San Nicolaas, Aruba, Netherlands Antilles.

1946 Millie Small is born in Jamaica. After moving to England, she becomes part of the British Invasion and has a hit with "My Boy Lollipop."

1945 Pop singer Robin Shaw (of The Flower Pot Men) is born Robin George Scrimshaw in Hayes, Middlesex, England.

1941 Claude Thornhill records "Autumn Nocturne."

1927 The first talking picture is released: The Jazz Singer, a musical starring Al Jolson. Irving Berlin's "Blue Skies" is one of the first songs heard by talkie audiences.

1926 Violinist Cyril Reuben is born in England. He would go on to play for the London Symphony Orchestra.

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