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2022 "Gangsta's Paradise" rapper Coolio dies of an apparent heart attack at 59.

2016 Lily Allen's wish to have the man of her dreams throw her over his shoulder and carry her off comes true when she drinks herself into a stupor at the Notting Hill Carnival.More

2012 A judge orders an audit of R&B singer Chris Brown's community-service records. The community service is part of a sentence handed down on his domestic violence charge in his 2009 incident with then-girlfriend Rihanna. While Brown claims to be done with his service, the court thinks some fishy finagling of the numbers happened, showing discrepancies in Brown's claim of having served at Tappahannock Children's Center, cleaning stables at the Richmond Police Department, and inventorying smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

2010 Bad Religion release their 15th full-length studio album, The Dissent of Man.

2007 It's the day of the 9th Annual "Standin' on the corner festival" in Winslow, Arizona, inspired by the lyrics to "Take It Easy."

2006 The Grascals claim the Entertainer of the Year trophy at the 17th annual International Bluegrass Music Awards at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville.

2004 A Beverly Hills tribute concert in honor of Ray Charles, featuring Stevie Wonder, Michael McDonald, ]Patti Austin and James Ingram, raises $15 million for Atlanta's African-American institution, Morehouse College.

2001 Celine Dion and Peter Gabriel perform at an American Red Cross benefit concert at Montreal's Molson Centre for victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US.

2000 Ballet For Life, a ballet tribute to late Queen singer and AIDS casualty Freddie Mercury, premieres at London's Sadler's Wells Theatre.

1999 Jean-Michel Jarre announces during a press conference at the Cairo Opera House that he has been commissioned by the Egyptian government to create and perform "The Twelve Dreams Of The Sun," a three-act "electronic opera" to mark the millennium night in the Egyptian desert.

1997 The DVD-Audio format is introduced at the Audio Engineering Society (AES) conference.

1995 Singer Bobby Brown escapes injury in a gun battle that kills his sister's fiance and riddles Brown's car with bullets in Boston's Roxbury section.

1994 Uwe Vandrei, an obsessed fan of Sarah McLachlan who inspired her song "Possession," commits suicide in Ottawa. Vandrei had sued McLachlan for songwriting credit on the track, but the case had yet to reach trial.

1987 The British newspaper The Sun reports that Elton John has had the larynxes removed from his guard dogs so they can't bark, which is untrue. Elton sues the paper and reaches a settlement for about a million pounds and a front page apology.

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Yusuf Islam Tells His Deportation Story


An editorial titled "Something Bad Has Begun" by the former Cat Stevens, now known as Yusuf Islam, is published in the Los Angeles Times.

A week earlier, Islam was flying with his 21-year-old daughter from London to Washington, DC when his plane was diverted to Bangor, Maine, where they were removed from the aircraft, questioned, and deported back to England, having appeared on a terrorist watch list. In the editorial he recounts the ordeal: Six officers escorted Islam and his daughter off the plane and separated them for 33 hours while they were questioned. "Whether it was a mix-up or not remained unclear because they weren't under any obligation to give me a reason," he writes. "The green visa waiver form I had so neatly filled in earlier had effectively denied me any right to appeal or answers. It was only when an immigration official read out to me a legal reference number that he mentioned some implication with 'terrorism' - no further details necessary." He also clarifies his stance on terrorism: "I am a man of peace, and I denounce all forms of terrorism and injustice; it is simply outrageous for anyone to suggest otherwise. The fact that I have sympathy for ordinary people in the world who are suffering from occupation, tyranny, poverty or war is human and has nothing to do with politics or terrorism. Thank God my daughter and I were relieved of our ordeal and delivered home safely. I also thank all those who prayed for me and supported me through this dark episode; I have never harbored any ill will toward people of God's great Earth anywhere -- and wish the reverse was also true."



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