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2021 Granting her petition, a judge suspends Britney Spears' father, Jamie, as her conservator, a role he has held since 2008.

2021 In downtown Detroit, Eminem opens the restaurant Mom's Spaghetti, named after a line in his song "Lose Yourself." The first fans in line are served by Slim Shady himself.

2020 Helen Reddy, whose hit "I Am Woman" soundtracked the women's rights movement in the '70s, dies at 78.

2020 Mac Davis, who wrote the Elvis Presley hits "A Little Less Conversation" and "In The Ghetto," dies at 78.

2017 A statue of Jimmy Bain by Colin Cairns Ford is unveiled in the bass player's hometown of Dunbar, Scotland.

2013 Keith "Sabu" Crier (bass player for GQ) dies at age 58. Known for the 1979 hit "Disco Nights (Rock-Freak)."

2013 Ten million tune in to the finale of the TV series Breaking Bad, which ends with "Baby Blue," a 1971 song by Badfinger. The song represents lead character Walter White's love of his creation: blue methamphetamine.

2012 Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy marries longtime girlfriend Elisa Yao.

2009 Lynyrd Skynyrd release Gods & Guns, their 13th album.

2009 After the band plays a gig at Club Academy in Manchester, England, tens of thousands of pounds worth of Noah and the Whale's equipment is stolen from a locked trailer in a car park near the venue. In December, police recover most of the gear, including items of great sentimental value to the band, nearly 100 miles away in a barn where the perpetrators had been storing it.

2009 After throwing wads of cash ("making it rain") on Pitbull at his gig in Aspen, Colorado, a fan receives a haymaker punch to the jaw from the singer.More

2003 Country singer Wesley Tuttle dies of heart failure at age 85. Known for the 1945 hits "Detour" and "With Tears in My Eyes." He also yodeled for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' "Silly Song."

2003 DMX guest stars on an episode of the UPN sitcom Eve. Starring fellow rapper Eve, the series is set in Miami, where DMX' character plays "the best tattoo artist in Miami."

2003 "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne is released. The music video stars model/actress Rachel Hunter, who plays Stacy's mom - the obsession of her teenage daughter's friend.

2003 McDonald's launches the "I'm Lovin' It" ad campaign in America, with Justin Timberlake singing the "ba da ba ba bah" hook and releasing a full-length version of the jingle as a single. It becomes the company's longest-running ad campaign.More

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Supremes Drop Glam For "Love Child"


The Supremes eschew their elegant dresses and go casual to perform "Love Child" on The Ed Sullivan Show. Diana Ross wears a sweatshirt, which is in line with the character in the song.

The Supremes are known for their glamor, so this look is surprising. When they perform the song again on the show January 5, 1969, they wear matching outfits that are more typical Supremes.



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