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Timeline : Kiss

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December 20, 1945

Peter Criss is born George Peter John Criscuola in Brooklyn, New York. He will become the drummer for Kiss and write their song "Beth."

August 25, 1949

Gene Simmons (of Kiss) is born Chaim Weitz in Haifa, Israel, to Nazi concentration camp survivor Flora Klein and her carpenter husband, Feri.

July 12, 1950

Eric Carr (drummer for KISS) is born in Brooklyn, New York.

April 27, 1951

Ace Frehley of Kiss is born Paul Frehley in the Bronx, New York.

January 20, 1952

Paul Stanley of Kiss is born Stanley Harvey Eisen in Queens, New York.

January 30, 1973

Kiss play their first concert, performing at the Popcorn Club in Queens, New York. They wear makeup onstage, but not the look they become known for.

January 8, 1974

Kiss sign their first recording deal, with Casablanca Records.

February 18, 1974

Kiss release their debut, self-titled album, featuring "Strutter" and "Cold Gin."

March 29, 1974

The first Kiss TV appearance is broadcast, as they appear on the musical variety show In Concert. Their performance was recorded February 21.

March 19, 1975

Kiss release their third studio album, Dressed to Kill.

December 4, 1975

Kiss earn their first Gold album with Alive!.

February 20, 1976

Kiss immortalize their hand prints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

March 15, 1976

KISS release their album Destroyer, featuring "Detroit Rock City" and "Beth."

December 12, 1976

At a show in Lakeland, Florida, Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley is nearly electrocuted when he grabs a metal railing on the poorly wired set, completing a circuit that sends current through his body.More

January 6, 1977

KISS' Rock And Roll Over album is certified Platinum.

February 21, 1977

At a concert stop at the Nassau Coliseum, every member of Kiss has some blood drawn. It's not for the Red Cross: the blood will be mixed with ink used to print the first Kiss comic book, which appears in June. The process from bloodletting to print is notarized for authenticity.

February 18, 1977

Kiss play Madison Square Garden (in their hometown, New York City) for the first time.

May 26, 1977

Rock sensations and serial marketers Kiss provide Marvel Comics with a vial of their blood to be mixed with the red ink used to print their upcoming comic book. The photo op takes place at the printing plant in Depew, New York, where the comic will be made.

June 30, 1977

Marvel Comics publishes a Kiss comic book with a vial of their blood mixed into the ink.More

August 26, 1977

Kiss play the first of three nights at The Forum in Inglewood, California. The shows are compiled for their Alive II album, released in October.

October 14, 1977

KISS release Alive II, recorded over three nights at the Forum in Los Angeles.

September 18, 1978

The albums Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss all hit stores on the same day.More

October 28, 1978

Kiss star in the TV movie Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park.More

October 14, 1978

The KISS solo LPs Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss enter Billboard Albums chart at these positions: Peter Criss: #85 Ace Frehley: #87 Gene Simmons: #88 Paul Stanley: #89 Simmons ends up selling the most copies.

November 29, 1979

The original four members of Kiss play for the last time together before their first "breakup."

May 18, 1980

Drummer Peter Criss leaves Kiss. He is replaced by Eric Carr, but returns to the band (along with Ace Frehley) in 1996.

July 25, 1980

Eric Carr makes his debut as Kiss drummer.

January 12, 1981

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) donates several rock albums to the Library of Congress, including Bob Dylan's Blonde on Blonde and KISS' Alive!

May 29, 1983

Kiss play their last concert in their famous makeup; at least until 1996 when they re-form with all original members and painted faces once again.

September 18, 1983

Kiss make their first public appearance without their trademark make-up when they show up on MTV to promote their new album - and single - "Lick It Up."

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