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Timeline : Metallica

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November 18, 1962

Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett is born in San Francisco, California.

November 2, 1962

Ron McGovney (original Metallica bassist) is born in Los Angeles, California. McGovney can be heard on the first Metallica demos, Power Metal and No Life 'Til Leather.

March 4, 1963

Jason Newsted is born in Battle Creek, Michigan. He plays bass for Flotsam and Jetsam, Metallica and Voivod.

August 3, 1963

James Hetfield of Metallica is born in Downey, California.

December 26, 1963

Lars Ulrich (drummer for Metallica) is born in Gentofte, Denmark. He becomes interested in music after seeing Deep Purple in concert at age 9.

October 23, 1964

Robert Trujillo (bassist for Metallica and Suicidal Tendencies) is born in Santa Monica, California.

March 14, 1982

At Radio City in Anaheim, California, Metallica play their first-ever show. Their first song is "Hit The Lights."

March 5, 1983

At The Stone in San Francisco, Metallica play their first show with bass player Cliff Burton. The band relocates to the Bay Area to accommodate Burton and join a metal scene far more vibrant than the one they leave behind in Los Angeles.

April 11, 1983

Dave Mustaine is kicked out of Metallica because of his drug and alcohol addictions. Soon after, he forms Megadeth, which becomes one of the most successful metal bands of the era.More

April 1, 1983

Exodus guitarist Kirk Hammett gets a phone call from manager Mark Whitaker, asking him to audition for Metallica. Hammett accepts, and several days later, is on a plane to New York for his tryout.

July 27, 1983

Metallica launch their Kill 'Em All For One tour (with co-headliners Raven) at the Royal Manor in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

July 25, 1983

Metallica release their debut album, Kill 'Em All, three months after parting ways with guitarist Dave Mustaine.More

August 8, 1983

Metallica's first single, "Whiplash," is released via Megaforce Records.

January 20, 1984

Metallica's second single, "Jump in the Fire," is released.

July 27, 1984

Metallica release their second album, Ride The Lightning, via Megaforce Records. It is reissued a short time later when they sign to Elektra Records.

November 23, 1984

Metallica release "Creeping Death," the only single from Ride The Lightning.

March 27, 1986

In Valley Center, Kansas, Metallica join Ozzy Osbourne's Ultimate Sin tour as the opening act.

March 3, 1986

Metallica release their third album, Master Of Puppets, featuring an anthemic title track that becomes their most-played live song.More

September 27, 1986

Cliff Burton (Metallica's second bassist) dies in a bus crash in Sweden during Metallica's Damage Inc. tour in support of the Master of Puppets album. Burton, age 24, is asleep in his bunk when the bus skids off the road. He is thrown from the window and crushed when the vehicle rolls over him.

September 26, 1986

In Solna, Sweden, Metallica play their last show with bass player Cliff Burton, who dies when the band's tour bus crashes on the way to the next stop. The last song is "Blitzkrieg."

November 8, 1986

At the Country Club in Los Angeles, California, Metallica play their first show with bassist Jason Newsted, the replacement for Cliff Burton, who was killed in a tour bus accident in September.

February 13, 1987

Metallica conclude their breakthrough - yet tragic - Damage Inc. tour at Frolundaborg in Gothenburg, Sweden. They drew huge crowds throughout the tour but lost bass player Cliff Burton, who was killed when their tour bus slid off the road during an earlier stop in Sweden.

August 21, 1987

Metallica release The $5.98 E.P.: Garage Days Re-Revisited.

August 20, 1987

Metallica play a secret show at The 100 Club in London. Two days later, they play Donington Park at Castle Donington as part of the massive Monsters of Rock Festival, headlined by Bon Jovi.

November 17, 1987

Metallica issue their first home video, Cliff 'Em All, which is comprised of both fan-filmed and pro-shot live performances prior to bass player Cliff Burton's death in a tour bus accident.

August 25, 1988

Metallica issue their fourth studio album, ...And Justice For All, featuring "One" and "To Live Is To Die."

January 22, 1989

Metallica's first music video, for "One," makes its debut. Running 7:44, it incorporates footage from the 1971 war movie Johnny Got His Gun.

February 22, 1989

The very unheavy Jethro Tull win the first Grammy for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance, beating out Metallica.More

June 6, 1989

Metallica issue their second home video, 2 Of One, which is comprised of two versions of their first music video, "One."

July 30, 1991

"Enter Sandman" is released as a single, serving as a preview of what's to come from Metallica's Black Album. With a cover of the early Queen classic "Stone Cold Crazy" on the B-side, it reaches #16 on the Hot 100, their best showing to this point.

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