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2015 Gospel singer Andraé Crouch dies of complications from a heart attack at age 72.

2014 Reather Dixon Turner of The Bobbettes dies at age 69.

2013 Enigmatic pop icon David Bowie releases the single "Where Are We Now?," from his upcoming album The Next Day. The date of the release also coincides with his birthday. It is his first release in over a decade.

2013 Twenty One Pilots release their breakthrough album, Vessel.

2012 Blues singer Dave Alexander, who sometimes recorded as Omar Shariff, dies at age 73.

2012 Rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard's FBI file is released. The report details nine arrests for the rapper, and says his group Wu-Tang Clan is "heavily involved in the sale of drugs, illegal guns, weapons possession, murder, carjacking and other types of violent crime."

2004 George Harrison's estate sues Dr. Gilbert Lederman of Staten Island University Hospital for $10 million, alleging he forced a dying Harrison to sign souvenirs for him.

2002 Fabian is awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 7065 Hollywood Blvd.

1997 Chuck D guest stars on the NBC sitcom NewsRadio episode "Rap," to face off against Phil Hartman's Bill McNeal, who is convinced rap music will destroy society.

1991 Jeremy Delle, a 16-year-old student at Richardson High School in Texas, shoots himself in his English class. When Eddie Vedder reads about it, he writes the song "Jeremy" about Delle and other young people who have committed suicide in schools.

1981 Linda Ronstadt makes her Broadway debut alongside Rex Smith and Kevin Kline in the revival of The Pirates of Penzance, which runs for 787 performances.

1974 Kiss sign their first recording deal, with Casablanca Records.

1969 Jeff Abercrombie of Fuel is born in Tennessee.

1966 The last episode of Shindig on ABC features The Who and The Kinks.

1966 Rubber Soul becomes The Beatles' seventh #1 US album.

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David Bowie Is Born


David Jones is born in London. At age 18, he changes his name to David Bowie (after the Bowie knife) to avoid confusion with Davy Jones of The Monkees.

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