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1946 Ella Fitzgerald records "It's A Pity To Say Goodnight."

1945 Rock musician Chris Copping (of Procol Harum) is born in Middleton, Lancashire, England.

1943 Jazz/rock musician Dick Halligan (of Blood, Sweat & Tears) is born in Troy, New York.

1942 Sterling Morrison (guitarist for The Velvet Underground) is born Holmes Sterling Morrison Jr. in East Meadow, New York.

1935 Controversial singer and co-founder of the West Coast Pop Experimental Art Band Bob Markley is born in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

1927 Country singer Jimmy C. Newman is born near Big Mamou, Louisiana. Known for the 1957 hit "A Fallen Star."

1924 Jazz/R&B vocalist Dinah Washington is born Ruth Lee Jones in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

1920 Jazz saxophonist Charlie "Bird" Parker is born in Kansas City, Kansas. He is raised in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Fans Respond To Clapton's Racist Rant


The British music magazine Sounds publishes letters responding to Eric Clapton's racist rant at his Birmingham concert earlier in the month. "Own up, half your music is black," one of them states. "You are rock music's biggest colonist." This particular missive includes a call to action with an address to join Rock Against Racism, "A rank and file movement against the racist poison in rock music." Rock Against Racism soon becomes a viable movement, holding a series of concerts and festivals in support of tolerance.

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