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November 27, 2017 Country singer Blake Shelton is named People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive." He's the second musician to receive the honor in the annual feature's 32-year run; the first was Adam Levine, his fellow coach on The Voice, in 2013.

November 19, 2013 People magazine names Adam Levine "Sexiest Man Alive," making him the first musician to earn the title in the feature's 28-year history.

February 10, 2010 John Mayer describes his ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson as "sexual napalm" in a Playboy interview.More

September 26, 2008 Clay Aiken announces he is gay in People magazine, saying: "It was the first decision I made as a father. I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things. I wasn't raised that way, and I'm not going to raise a child to do that."

December 1, 2006 GQ magazine names Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson "Newlyweds of the Year," but by the time the issue hits newsstands, the couple are divorced.More

April 1, 2006 Spin magazine publishes a review of the Guns N' Roses album Chinese Democracy, which Axl Rose and his gang have been working on since 1994. It's an April Fool: the album isn't released until 2008.

May 2, 2003 Dixie Chicks appear naked on the front cover of Entertainment Weekly, with slogans such "Traitors," "Hero," "Boycott," "Saddam's Angels" and "Proud Americans" printed across their bodies. The slogans represent the mixed reaction Dixie Chicks received following singer Natalie Maines' anti-George W. Bush comments.More

January 14, 2000 We learn the paternity of Melissa Etheridge's two children when Rolling Stone reports that David Crosby is the surrogate father.

June 19, 1999 In an interview published in Melody Maker, Britney Spears says, "I would have to be totally happy in every aspect before I would get married. I believe marriage is for life." She ends up getting married twice... in 2004.

November 23, 1998 After his concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, Marilyn Manson has a backstage run-in with Spin magazine editor Craig Marks, who claims that Manson assaults and threatens to kill him.More

August 2, 1998 The Beatles are named "Favourite Recording Artist Of All Time" in a poll conducted by the UK music magazine Mojo, beating out Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Queen, and Elton John in that order.

March 14, 1998 Weeks after Johnny Cash's Unchained wins the Grammy for Best Country Album, his producer Rick Rubin takes out a full-page ad in Billboard with a photo of the singer giving the middle finger along with the text, "American Recordings and Johnny Cash would like to acknowledge the Nashville music establishment and country radio for your support."More

July 12, 1997 The French magazine Le Figaro publishes an interview with George Harrison where he blasts modern music, taking aim at U2 and the Spice Girls.More

April 18, 1996 Gavin Rossdale of Bush is shirtless on the cover of Rolling Stone, but the article inside trashes the band, calling them "Nirvanawannabes."More

May 1, 1995 Nancy Sinatra, 54, appears on the cover of Playboy magazine. In her centerfold, she wears only her famous boots.More

October 25, 1993 Time magazine puts Eddie Vedder on the cover with the headline "All The Rage." Both Vedder and Kurt Cobain refused to speak with the magazine for the story, but they run it anyway in an attempt to explain why young people are listening to such angry music.More

September 16, 1993 Janet Jackson appears shirtless on the cover of Rolling Stone. Her arms are in the air, with her boobs supported by a pair of hands that belong to her husband, Rene Elizondo.More

March 1, 1993 Q magazine publishes an interview with Sting and Bob Geldof where Sting explains how his sex lasts for hours through the benefits of yoga.More

August 20, 1992 Embroiled in controversy over his song "Cop Killer," Ice-T doubles down by appearing in a police uniform on the cover of Rolling Stone.More

May 25, 1991 Billboard implements SoundScan technology on their Albums chart, replacing the decades-old system that relied on record stores to report sales figures. With SoundScan, the sales are tracked electronically, providing much more accurate data.More

November 14, 1990 Pete Townshend of The Who tells Newsweek that he is bisexual, saying, "I won't be classified as just a man." He calls his song "Rough Boys" a "coming-out."

April 27, 1987 U2 make the cover of Time magazine with the headline "Rock's Hottest Ticket."

July 10, 1985 Playboy publishes nude photos of Madonna taken before she was famous.More

January 23, 1984 Boy George and Annie Lennox appear on the cover of Newsweek under the headline, "Britain Rocks America - Again."More

January 22, 1981 The John Lennon tribute issue of Rolling Stone is published with the famous Annie Leibovitz photo of a naked Lennon embracing a fully-clothed Yoko Ono. Lennon's full interview is not published by the magazine until 2010.More

December 5, 1980 Speaking with Rolling Stone's Jonathan Cott, John Lennon gives his last print interview; he is killed three days later.

October 4, 1979 Jimmy Buffett appears on the cover of Rolling Stone ahead of his forthcoming Volcano album. The article details his experience recording the Caribbean-flavored tracks near a dormant volcano at George Martin's AIR Studios in Montserrat.More

October 5, 1978 Dolly Parton becomes the first country singer to pose for Playboy.More

May 7, 1978 Goaded by an item in the magazine saying they are "more interested in finding a softball team they can beat," the Eagles take on Rolling Stone in a game the rock band wins 15-8 (Don Henley is the winning pitcher). In the crowd cheering on the Eagles are Joni Mitchell and Chevy Chase.

August 26, 1976 Steven Tyler of Aerosmith appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Annie Leibovitz took the photo, which shows the frontman haggard and bleary after just two hours sleep. Leibovitz got the shot by showing up at his hotel at 6 a.m.

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