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2022 Snoop Dogg buys Death Row Records, the label he started with. He plans to take the label into the metaverse and issue non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

2021 The acclaimed jazz pianist Chick Corea dies of cancer at 79.

2014 The Beatles: The Night That Changed America airs on CBS exactly 50 years after the group first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. The show features performances by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr and also covers of Beatles songs by Stevie Wonder, Dave Grohl and a reunited Eurythmics.

2008 An oversold venue is to blame for the deaths of 10 fans and the injuries of six at a concert by Indonesian metalcore band Beside. Conflicting reports on numbers seem to confirm that the venue, meant to hold 700, was well over capacity, with perhaps as many as 1,500 people inside. The fans were killed in the crush as they tried to leave the packed venue while hundreds more were trying to force their way in.

2005 Soul singer Tyrone Davis dies of complications from a stroke in Chicago, Illinois, at age 66. Known for his #1 R&B hits, "Can I Change My Mind" (1968), "Turn Back The Hands Of Time" (1970), and "Turning Point" (1975).

2001 After being booted from the "reunion" lineup of the Eagles, guitarist Don Felder files a lawsuit against the group.

1997 Soundgarden play the Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii, their last show until 2010.

1997 Brian Connolly (lead singer of Sweet) dies at age 51 of renal and liver failure after multiple heart attacks.

1991 Gospel singer Reverend James Cleveland dies at age 59.

1990 Midnight Oil release the album Blue Sky Mining. The lead single, "Blue Sky Mine," is inspired by the Wittenoom industrial disaster in the band's native Australia. The song is a Top 10 hit on the ARIA singles chart and tops the rock charts in the US.More

1979 UB40 play their first live show, sharing the bill with another local group called the Au Pairs at The Hare & Hounds Pub in Birmingham. In 2011, a plaque went up outside the pub to mark the performance.

1974 "Love's Theme," a groovy instrumental composed by Barry White for his Love Unlimited Orchestra, hits #1 in the US.

1973 Max Yasgur, who owned the farm in upstate New York where the 1969 Woodstock festival was held, dies of a heart attack at age 53.

1970 Sly and the Family Stone's "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" is certified Gold.

1966 Liza Minnelli brings her nightclub act to New York City with a show at the Persian Room of the Plaza Hotel.

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Stooges Go Out In Unruly Fashion


At The Palace in Detroit, The Stooges play their last show until their 2003 reunion. An imploding Iggy Pop taunts the crowd, which responds with various projectiles. The opening act is a young band called Aerosmith.

Why would a crowd in The Stooges home state of Michigan turn hostile? Because of beef with a biker gang, of course. Five days earlier, the band played a bar in Wayne, Michigan called The Rock'n'Roll Farm, where a gang called The Scorpions often hung out. As part of initiation for a new member, they had him throw eggs at Pop and heckle him, which Iggy didn't appreciate. Pop taunted the bikers back from the stage before going into the crowd to fight his tormenter, which did not end well for Iggy. The next day, The Stooges appeared on the Detroit radio station WABX-FM, where they challenged The Scorpions to come to the Palace concert, which they did. The Stooges have some biker backup of their own - a gang called God's Children who are friends with their drummer - but The Scorpions still pelt Pop with beer bottles and other debris, which just fuels his fire as he mocks them more. After an unruly set ending with "Louie Louie," The Stooges end the set and split up. In 1976, a low-quality bootleg from the show called Metallic K.O. appears. Pop, after lots of rehab, launches a successful solo career and collaborates with David Bowie. It isn't until 2003 when the group gets back together.



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