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2015 Janis Joplin's psychedelic-painted Porsche sells for $1.76 million at auction.More

2011 At the last of four 30th anniversary concerts at The Filmore in San Francisco, Metallica are joined on stage by two original members: bass player Ron McGovney and guitarist Dave Mustaine.More

2010 Michael Jackson's first posthumous album, Michael, is released.

2006 A demo called KO At Home by Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O is accidentally leaked on the internet. The recording was meant to be a gift to friend Dave Sitek from TV on the Radio but it was stolen from Sitek's suitcase. Karen O shrugged off the leak, saying "shit happens."

2005 Just six monts after topping the chart with Mezmerize, System Of A Down's album Hypnotize goes to #1 on America, giving them two #1 albums in the same calendar year.

2003 Bill Deal (frontman for The Rhondels) dies at age 59. Known for the 1969 hit singles "I've Been Hurt," "What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am," and "May I."

1999 Rick Danko (bassist for The Band) dies of heart failure in his sleep in Marbletown, New York, at age 56.

1997 Olivia Newton-John causes trouble for Murphy Brown on the episode "I Hear A Symphony."

1996 Country singer Faron Young dies a day after shooting himself, possibly due to his failing health, at age 64.

1995 During a recording session, Fat Boys member Darren Robinson, known as "The Human Beatbox," dies of a heart attack at age 28.

1991 Alan Freed, the disc jockey who coined the phrase "rock and roll," is posthumously awarded a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.

1985 Three Dog Night's Danny Hutton and Cory Wells fire third vocalist Chuck Negron.

1983 Tina Turner's first solo hit, a cover of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together," charts at #6 in the UK as her comeback gets going.

1980 John Lennon's body is cremated. There is no funeral, but a worldwide vigil is held four days later.

1979 Kool and the Gang's "Ladies' Night" is certified Gold.

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Led Zeppelin Reunite For One Show Only


Led Zeppelin play a one-off show at the O2 Arena in London, the biggest reunion in rock history. John Bonham's son, Jason, plays drums at the show, which is hailed by critics and fans as triumphant.

After Ahmet Ertegun, the band's revered boss at Atlantic Records, died on December 14, 2006, his widow, Mica, asked Robert Plant if he would consider getting the band back together for a one-time gig in benefit of Ertegun's Education Fund, which provides funding for students to study music in college. Plant, never one for nostalgia, agreed to the request, setting the wheels in motion for the feverishly anticipated reunion. The other three are on board, and in May 2007, they gather for a secret rehearsal, which goes well enough to move forward with the show. On September 12, the show is announced, with the 18,000 tickets were awarded through an online lottery. A digital stampede ensues, with well over a million entries (sometimes reported as 20 million or more). Face value is $255 a ticket, but scalpers get about $2,000. It's just the third time the three surviving band members have taken the stage since the 1980 death of John Bonham. The first was at Live Aid in 1985, where they gave an unsatisfying, three-song performance with two different drummers: Phil Collins and Tony Thompson. In 1988, with Jason Bonham on drums, they did an ad hoc performance at the 40th Anniversary concert for Atlantic Records. This effort is far more organized and thoroughly rehearsed, with three weeks of focused preparation. In stark contract to their backstage Bacchanalias of the '70s, they are all business, with nothing stronger than tea and coffee to drink before taking the stage. The concert lives up to the hype, with the band ripping through a 16-song set of fan favorites, including "Stairway To Heaven," "Kashmir" and "Rock And Roll." Hopes are high for a reunion tour, but Plant puts his efforts into touring with Alison Krauss; the pair released an album, Raising Sand, in October 2007 that goes on to win a Grammy for Album Of The Year. The other three gather in the studio in 2008 and toy with the idea of touring with another vocalist, but nobody can fill in for Plant. Asked by Rolling Stone about the reunion concert in 2017, Plant says, "It was magnificent. We hit a home run that night, which is something that we were really fearful of. There was probably more riding on that than we would care to believe."



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