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2020 Twenty One Pilots release a never-ending video for their song "Level of Concern" that continuously updates using footage uploaded by fans. It does end, but not until December 16 - 178 days later.

2020 The day after Spain lifted a 3-month coronavirus lockdown, the Liceu opera in Barcelona opens its season with an unusual performance: Each of the 2,292 seats is occupied by a houseplant.More

2018 Pantera drummer and co-founder Vinnie Paul dies at 54.

2015 On the reality dating show The Bachelorette, Jared and Kaitlyn visit Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin, where they are serenaded by Noel Hogan and Dolores O'Riordan of The Cranberries, who perform "Linger." The couple dance and make out as O'Riordan sings: Were you lying all the time? Was it just a game to you?More

2012 The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre opens in Melbourne. Newton-John, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992, started raising funds to develop the project in 2003.

2010 Lynyrd Skynyrd release Live from Freedom Hall, their eight live album. It features music performed June 15, 2007 at Freedom Hall in Louisville, Kentucky.

2009 Blues bassist Nick Holt (of The Teardrops) dies of brain cancer at age 69.

2008 For his 60th birthday, Todd Rundgren hosts Toddstock, a gathering of his fans at his home in Hawaii. Toddstock returns every five years, with more locations added.

2007 Sarah McLachlan gives birth to her second child, daughter Taja Summer Sood.

2004 Lynyrd Skynyrd release Lynyrd Skynyrd Lyve: The Vicious Cycle Tour, their fifth live album. Featuring music from a July 11, 2003 performance at Antioch, Tennessee's Amsouth Amphitheater, it celebrates the band's thirty year anniversary.

1999 Limp Bizkit release the nu metal landmark Significant Other, their second album. Lead by the single "Nookie," it debuts at #1 in America, unseating Millennium by Backstreet Boys.

1993 The Flaming Lips release their sixth studio album, Transmissions From The Satellite Heart, featuring their breakthrough hit, "She Don't Use Jelly."More

1990 Doo-wop singer Corinthian "Kripp" Johnson (of The Dell-Vikings) dies of cancer at age 54.

1988 Robert Palmer releases "Simply Irresistible" in his native UK, where it peaks at #44. It fares much better in the US, where it lands at #2.

1986 Tom Waits' play titled Franks Wild Years debuts at the Briar St. Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. Starring Waits as Frank, the play is performed by the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and its soundtrack is later released as Waits' ninth studio album (also titled Franks Wild Years).

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Liz Phair Releases Exile In Guyville


Liz Phair releases her debut album, Exile In Guyville. The indie rocker approached the project as a track-by-track response to The Rolling Stones' 1972 album, Exile On Main St. Her candid perspective on sex and relationships earns her favor with critics and a growing fanbase and Guyville is hailed as one of the best albums of the decade.

Phair, who spent most of her formative years in the Chicago suburbs, drew inspiration from the area's alt-rock community, namely the guys who considered themselves serious artists and tried to school her in music. "They always dominated the stereo like it was their music," she explained, "They'd talk about it, and I would just sit on the sidelines." Guyville is a mocking term, coined by her friends in Urge Overkill, to describe any small-town mentality where macho ego decides who is worthy to succeed. Exile On Main St. attracted Phair because Mick Jagger's persona reminded her a lot of the guys who rejected her. "It perfectly fit my impression of what was going on in the head of this guy I had a crush on. I could project onto the Stones and they would answer back. It was like having a relationship through the music," she said. As a result, "6'1" recalls the Stones' "Rocks Off," with Phair pitted against a lover who's stumbling home from a one-night-stand with another woman; "Flower" challenges the false assumption from "Let It Loose" that "good girls" from the suburbs are inherently uptight about sex, with Phair famously proclaiming, "I want to be your blowjob queen"; and "Never Said" turns the tables on unreliable guys like the narrator from "Tumbling Dice." Phair recorded many of the songs a couple years earlier as Girly Sound, but perfected them at Chicago's Idful Studio with producer Brad Wood, who showcased her wry, deadpan delivery and unique, off-the-beat guitar stylings. Wood, who helped get Phair signed to Matador Records, adds Stones-like touches to the arrangements, most notably the percussive elements, such as the shakers and cabasa, from "Divorce Song" that echo "Honky Tonk Women." Exile In Guyville barely cracks the albums chart, but critics are impressed with Phair's frank assessment of relationships and sexuality and Guyville goes down as one of the decade's musical masterpieces, with Phair regarded as a feminist rock icon.



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