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2020 McDonald's introduces the Travis Scott Meal: a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Sprite, and fries with BBQ sauce. It's the first McOffering named after a celebrity since 1992, when the McJordan appeared on the menu.

2017 Troy Gentry of the country music duo Montgomery Gentry dies in a helicopter crash en route to a gig in Medford, New Jersey. He was 50.

2017 Forty-one years after it was recorded, Neil Young's Hitchhiker is finally released. It features the first recorded versions of "Pocahontas" and "Powderfinger."

2016 Prince Buster, a Jamaican native who popularized ska music in England, dies at age 78.

2010 Rich Cronin (of LFO) dies of a stroke while battling leukemia in Boston, Massuchusetts, at age 36.

2007 Lynyrd Skynyrd are inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in Atlanta.

2002 Gordon Lightfoot undergoes an emergency stomach operation in a suburban Toronto hospital.

2001 Kylie Minogue releases the single "Can't Get You Out Of My Head," with a "la la la" chorus that does indeed burrow into the brain. A global smash, it's her first big hit in America since "The Loco-Motion" in 1988.

2001 Jennifer Lopez's "I'm Real" remix tops the Hot 100 for the first of five non-consecutive weeks. The pop singer gets some urban street cred with the help of guest rapper Ja Rule.

1997 Cornershop release When I Was Born for the 7th Time, their third studio album. It contains the hit song "Brimful of Asha."

1994 At the MTV Video Music Awards, Beastie Boy Adam Yauch (MCA), in character as "Nathanial Hornblower," rushes the stage when R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts" beats "Sabotage" for Best Direction. It's the first such intrusion at the VMAs.More

1994 Chris Cornell and Kim Thayil accept the Best Metal/Hard Rock Video Award at the MTV Video Music Awards for Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun" clip, beating out Aerosmith ("Cryin'"), Anthrax ("Black Lodge"), and Rollins Band ("Liar").

1989 Rapper Keith "Cowboy" Wiggins of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five dies at age 28 from a crack cocaine addiction.

1989 The DJ/producer Avicii is born Tim Bergling in Stockholm. His hits include the electronic-music landmark "Levels" and the Aloe Blacc collaboration "Wake Me Up."

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Rev Up The Bone Machine


Tom Waits' album Bone Machine drops a sonic avalanche of apocalyptic percussion sounds, snarls, and deathly wails - and fans love him for it.

Bone Machine is Waits' first album in five years. Sales are lukewarm (it reaches just #176 on the Billboard 200), but it is hailed by critics and fans as an original and intriguing work; Rolling Stone puts it at #53 on their list of the top albums of the 1990s. The album ditches Waits' usual gin-soaked piano in favor of a motley assortment of percussion instruments ranging from sticks to standard drums to a bizarre contraption called a "conundrum," which Waits describes as "like an iron cross with these metal things hanging off." How do you play it? "You hit it with a big hammer. Real hard. It's like hitting a dumpster." The album is full of murder, death, and decay. It also features a great deal of Biblical imagery provided by Waits' wife Kathleen Brennan, who grew up Catholic with "blood and liquor and guilt." The songs have all been recorded in a stripped-down room in Prairie Sun's recording studio in Cotati, California, of which Waits says, "I found a great room to work in, it's just a cement floor and a hot water heater... It's got some good echo." The cover image features a distorted image of Waits wearing goggles and a leather skull cap. The outfit can be seen more clearly in videos for "Goin' Out West" and "I Don't Wanna Grow Up." The picture was taken by Bob Dylan's son Jesse. Seven of the 16 tracks are co-written by Kathleen Brennan. The final song on the album, "That Feel," is co-written by Keith Richards, who also performs on the tune. In some ways, Bone Machine is just a cute prelude to the nightmarish album The Black Rider that will follow one year later.



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